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The Hostile Reds

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Pink Ridge Agency, S. 1)., .I;m. 17.- The question whieh aeems uppermost in the mind of everybody around the ageney is whother or not General Miles will insist upon the complete disarmamentofthe Indiana. It is reported on tíynd mthority that General Miles has ordered civilians t keep ont if the hostile camp beoause he intends to disarm the Indiana if he h:is to shell their p to acoomplish his purpose. The ral could not bc Been to substantiate this. Adjntant-General Corbin was islieii if General Miles had issued Buch an order, bat he wonld neither admit nor deny the report. Be elaimed that so long as the arras were being snrrendered by the Indians there was no neeessity of using force to compel more spoed. Friday moraing abont twenty Indians under Little llawk came into the agency and Bnrrendered t]iirty-one guns. The weapons were reecived in the name of General Miles and turned over to Agent Tiercé and tagged with the owners" and chief's names. Only fifty-one guns have been turned over out of at least 1,400 which the hostiles are believed to possess. It is a noticeablc fact that the guns turned over are of antique pattern. There are no improved Winchesters or Springfields. These are being kept by the Indians, but the Government is welcome to the old, worn out shotguns and ramshackle rifles. Pine Ridoe Agkncy, S. D., Jan. 19.- Gtneral Miles held a conference on Saturday with the principal Iirule chiefs, who, when the subject of returning to their agency at Rosebud was broached, they said they were in favor of returning if a military man should be placed over them as agent. After some parleying regarding the question liig Road stood up and dramatically proclalmed himself as in favor of peace. At the same time he asked those who wished to joinhimin restoring peace and working for the prosperity of their pcople to raise their right hand towaid Ileaven. Immediately every right hand in the gathering was raised and with :i general shaking of hands tlu' conference carne to a close. The Bituation is Jast as it has been forthreedaya past. General Miles insists on having the (runs, and the Indians, while fearing the force of soldiers that Burround them, are reluctant about giving up. Little Wound sayB that there will be no more fighting and that the bueks reali.e this, and, while not likin;,' the thought of the Biirrender of their guns, they will not use them ogalnst the whites any more. ' '


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