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Washington, Jan. 14. - In the Sonate yesterday a bilí was passed transferring army offloera on the limit. -d retín il list who havo reaohed the ar oí 64 to the unlimlted list, and providing further thai the ini:nier of offlccrs on the limIted Lis1 shaU io 880. Senator Sherman spoke '.yainst the fre of sil ver. Washington, Jan. 18. - Afterthe Senate had adopted t li ■ coinage amendment to the financia] measure yesterday and had stricken out the 8200,000,000 -per cent. bond issue clause Senator Vest Burprised the Sonate by offering, as a substituto for the whole affair, a free-coinage bill pure and simple, and tho Senate promptly passed it by a vote of 39 to 27. The bill provides that the unit of value in the United States shall be the dollar, to be coined of 412X grains of standard silver or 25 8-10 grains of standard gold Washington, Jan. 16.- A bill was passod in the Senate yesterday to credit O. M. Laraway, late postmaster at Minneapolis, with $11,115, the value of postage stamps stolen from his office in July, 1880. A bill was introduced to establish branch mints at Omaha, Neb., and Boise City, Idaho. The elections bill was again taken up and discussed. Washington, Jan. 17.- In the Senate yesterday a bill was introduced providing for a temporary government for Alaska. A bill to equallze standard time in the United States %vas introduced and the fortifications bill (88,800,435) was reported. Tho elections bill was then discussed, the session lasting all night. Washington, Jan. 10.- At 0 o'cloek Saturday evening what few Senators were awake adjourned, and the long session which had lasted thirty hours in debate on the elections bill was over. WASHINGTON, Jan. 20.- In the Senate yesterday bilis were introdueed to prevent the sale of flre-arms and ammunition to Indiana, and authorlzing the Secretary of Agricultura to inspect all vessels that aro to carry export cattle to foreign countries. 'rhirty-five petilions in favor of the Torrey bnnkruptcy bill were p by Sonator Cullom (111.). The "■ was further discussed. nousE. Washington, Jan. 14. - In the House yesterday a bil] was Introduced to vest the legislative power of Alaska in a Governor :""! '■ leyislatíve assembly and that the Territory shall have a delegate to Congreso l"he report on the House apportionment bill was preBented and the nrmy 1 ppropriation bill was discussed. Washisgtos, Jan. lö. - In the House yesterday tho army appropriation bill was passod and the District of Columbia appropriation bill was discussed. WAsiiiNGTOXf Jan. 16. - A message from the Senate was received by the House yesterday announcing the passage of the financia! bill with a coinage substituto. The immigrant bilí was reportad. A cummittee was named to Investígate the silver-pool question. Wasiiim, rus. Jan. : 7. ■ In House yestcrd:iy bll.'s were pa&scd grantinga pension oí 830 B Dionth to (icneral Franz Sigel, 8100 a month tof (eneral N. 1'. Banks, Í100 i ;:i nth to (oneral Isaac Quinby, of Rochester, N. Y., and ono lncreasüig ti 8100 a month the pension of Joseph J. Hartlett, of New York. In all sevecty pension liillswere passed. WaSHISOTON, .lan. 19. - The time was occupied in the House m Saturday in considcrin;,' the District of Columbia appropriation bill. Washington, Jan. 20. - In the House yesterday :' resolutioD was introduceil by Mr. Langston (Va.) to amend the constitution so t'nat n person shall be allowed to vote ut any eleetion for Congressmen. Senators and Presidential elector who can not read and writo the English language.


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