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A CITY LUXURY. Just as the city looks to the country for most of the limiries used on its tables, so the country must turn to the city for those conveaiences which are justly termed luxuries for the hard-working housewife. City housekeepers have learned to realize that to save time is t lengthen life. is one of the best known city luxuries and each time a cake is uséd an hour is saved. On floors, tables and painted work it acts iike charm. For scouring pots, pans and metáis it has no equal. 1F YOUR STOREKEEPER DOES NOT KEEP IT YOU SHOULD 1NSIST UPON HIS DO1NG SO, as it always gives satisfaction and its immense sale all over the United States makes it an almost necessary artide re any well-supplied store. Everything shines after its use, and even the children delight in using it in their attempts to help around the house. DSFA :?i SOUTHERN ILLINOIS. .o -:i lo THE FAHWKST, but como here where you enn buy farms that wlll PJ :tbti" jiint erop umi ivo you itri-utCHtprotltuble resul t In th bnot markets in the world, mhivvwineitw lands. aiitiouKli riowcomparatlvely chcap, ure contantly and rupidly IncreasliiK lu valu'. arly uil o derlald with flno coal and inuch uf It rich In mineral pruducts. Address for f uil lnforiuatton F. A. TKOI'SIIALE. Mrcy, Metropolis, 111. W. 11. ÏI I.T, At. Sccy, DuQuoiu JU Soutbcra llltnola Itnprovemcnt and Immlirratlon Asioclatlon.


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