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Dr. Koch's Consumption Cure

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Another infiillible cure for coiwumption is aunouneed, and, of course, it is aimed at the "bacUlna" They are al] aiming at the "bacillus" Dow- that is to say, all who do not prefcr an aim nt the "microbe." This new specific, however, comes to the world w i t h . two cxtraordinary advantoge. It is. notoffered Cor sale' by some lone hermit who oom; pounded it of "yarbs," nor by a "retira! physician whosc Bands ..f life have nearly run out," nor by n "missionary long resident iu the East Indien"- no, noteven by an "Injun doctor' living in a bark hut at the back of a lofïy rock in the wilderness. The inventor is Dr. Kobcrt Kuch, the renowned Uerlin professor, and lii-i i ments are believed by many of the most scientiiic pbyeicians iu Europe- two entirely new Features in the "infiilliblecure" line. The doctor claims to have already cured sevcrnl undoubted cases of tuberculosis and now has under his treatinent many patiënte in the Germán hospitels. If the diaease bas progressed, he saye, so far as to dostroy the patient's constitutional vigor, of course he can do nothing; but in all prevlous stiiges he can annihilate the bacillus tuberculosis and thus effect a cure. The bacillus is rod shaped, he says, and eats into the substance of the lungs; he has inoculatwl (tuinen pigs with it and produced tuberculosis and then cured them with his bacil licide. He will, as is the duty of a regular physician, give the cure free to the profession and the worlxl, and it will be cheap enough o be uithin thfi reach of all. Let us hope he is correct.


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