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Ann Arbor Engine And Boiler Works

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MANUFACTÜRERS AND DEALERS IN Corliss Engines, Vertical Automatic Engines and Boilers, Saw-Mill and Flour Mili Machlnery. MiU Gearins, Columns and I Reams, Chaunet Irons, Pulleys and Shafting, Tie Poste, Post Anchors, Grate Bars, Ash Pit Doors. Sash Weights, Patents and all kinds of Machinery made to order ; also Patterus, Grey Iron and Brass Castings of all kinds. Anything in the iron line made to order. REPAIRS OV AJUIi ICJtfnS A SfMCIAÍTT. HUNTER & TURNBULL. -rJSBK % Chichester's Engush, Red Cross W Diahond Brand A m% Pí.hunro&i rixs Jw'i! THE ORIGINAL AND GENUINE. The onlj Sftfe, Snre, and r&iáble PW for sale. vy ?1 m) Ladles, uk Druguittt for Chichfur'ë BnglUh Diamond Brand a Ked and Gold metallic V I fff boxes caled with blue ribbon. TaLc no other kind. Rtfuse tfubttitution and Imitation. v I yff All pilla in putebo&rd boxci, ptak wrppcr, are duif eroiu counter feit. At Drngglsu, or tend ai m&f 4c. in Mimp.i for p&rtlculars, utimocialf, and KUef for Ijtdlc," in letter, hy retnrn Mail A íY 10,000 TeitimoniMj. Aam Paper. CHICHESTER CHEMICAL CO.. Mdlfton Sqourc, - r Sold bj aU Local Drnff Iste. 1J11LAIJLLI1UAVa.


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