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Miss Francés WilUrd has been appointeil by the National W. C. T. U. fraterna] deleeate to the next convention of the Catholic Total Abstinence societj' of the United State?. The queen recent of Spain received as h New Year's present from the pope a sjilf ndid mosaicof the Madonna made at the vatican factory. Ices. Orange ltrQ')M, strawf.erry, mspberry, piH npple, Roman punch. tf E. V. Hangstebfee. Peculiar Peculiar in combination, proportion. and preparatlon of ingreriients, Hood's narsaparilla possesces tlio curative valuo of tho best known tJJJ tlic3 oI tlie vegetable nOOQ Skingdom. Peculiar In lts strength and economy, llood's Sarsparilla is tlic only medicino of which can truly be said, " One Humlred Doses One Dollar." Teculiar in its medicinal merits, Hood'a Sarsaparilla accomplishes cures hitlierto onu,i!iorOarsapaniiaitseit tbotltlaol "The greatest blood purliierevcr dlsei vered." Peculiar in its "good name :.t home,"- thera is more of llood's Sarsapnrilla sold In Lowell tlian of all other llood puriflers. Peculiar in its phenomenal record oL pi! sales abroaU no o tli er m CCUIlMI jireparatUm iv-r aitained so rapidly nor held SO steadfastly tho confldenco of all claaeei cf peoplc. Peculiar in the brain-wmk whicii ï represents, llood's Sarsaparilla combtnea al] tho kiiowledge which modern rescarcliBj B+cialf '" me(lica! BClenco has 1 O BlSCll developcd, v;t!i many years practical experience in preparing medteinea. Bs nn to get oniy Hood's Sarsaparilla Soldby all dmgglsts. gl;8lrforf5. Prcpared only , y . I. IIÜOD & CO., Apüthecaries, Lowell, 31tsd. fOO Dones One Dollar


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