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Washington, Jan. 19. - Representativo Candler (Mass.), chairman of the select committee on the world's fair, on Saturday presented to the Ilouse the report of the sub-committee that went to Chicago to examine into the conflition of matters there in relation to the world's fair. The report says that the power assumed by the World's Columbian Commission has produced confusión as well as caused unnecessary expenditure of public money; that the salaries paid to officials should be lowered, and that the fair can not well be conducted to successful terrnination onder the dual managetnent which is now in operation. The report cloües by sutetituting the following joint resol ution: Tlie Sjcretary of the Treasury is directed not to npprove the payment of atiy expense attendant upoa a meeting of the World's Columpian Commission or of the board of lady manajers except such meetings as may be called at the time of the dedlcation and opening cf the irorld's fair, nor to approve the payment of any expense attendant upon a meeting of the cxecutive committee except such meetings as may be held not oftener tban once ín bix months; aor to approve the payment of any salary to any omcer of the World's Columblan Comtnission out of any money which has been Dr may be available for suoh purposes other than an annual salary not in excess of $5,000 to the president, tt.OOO to the vice-ehairman of the executlve committeo and $3,000 to the secretary ; nor to approve the payment of any salary to any offlcer of the baard of lady managers in Bxcess of $5,000 to the president and 13,000 to the secretary ; nor to approvo the payment of any expenses of tho World's Columblan Commission or of tho board of lady managers other than those hereinbefore inentloned which shall amount to more than $10,000 per annum in the aggregate.


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