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Manchester is to have a singing school. A Cüelsea cat Weighs fourteen pounds. Saline young peupie wil) dance toruorzow night. A lilac twig, witJi well ueveJoped buds, to be seen in Saline. Several new residentes wiil be ereeted n Pexter next apring. Eight tranips slept iti the Dexter jail ne night noi long ago. The rope table and rope ornament ïraze has struck Chelsea. The Southern Mutual Fire Inpurance Gompany bas 272 members. Onefirm in Stockbridgeshipped 12,000 ïushels of beans last year. Playing cards within the village limits f Stock bridge is forbidden. A farmer' nftitllte will be held at itnseb next week Thursday. The Chelsea flourinu milla run on Kondays, Fridaye and Baturdays. Chelsea has a gymnasium n'hicfa is ittended by seventy-flve persons. A gang of tnrkey thieves are ezciting ;he ire of the farmers near Mooreville. The Saline Farmers' club meetstomorxw at the residence of G o. V. Shaw. Welch Pont, of Aun Vrbor, is securingsome wild eherry canes In PittsnVld Tbere are just 100 more studente in íhe Norma! school than in any previous jear. The oongregation of St James charcb, Dexter, played tiddledewinkslastFriday ivening. A Nortli Like man cu up au oak tree jecenlly and secured froru it nine corda f wood. C. F. Hill and R. W. Mills tiave been lected trustees of the .Saline Presbyterian church. Sixty-five couplea attended the as.sembly hop given last week by the Dexter Social Club. Dexter Methodists will give the Deestrick Skule" on the twentieth of viis month. A farmers' instituto for Livingston 'Oonnty will be held at Howell, February '6tb and 17th. A lawsuit between the principal and aneof the du pils of the Mooreviile school Tras on the docket last week. Gambling is caniedcn tosome extent ín Ypsilanti, and the people are considiiing ways and meansofgettingrid ofit. Two members of Fraternity Grange, Jenry Stumpenhusen and S. P. Ballard, Aave been carryingon a spiiited debate. Livingston county spent $27.53 for iparrow ecalps during the month of Janaary. Washteuaw spends more than that ïvery week. Alber Hoffman, a farmer near Stockbridge, recently found a tramp in his hay while pitching some to his stock. Tfhe tramp wanted something to eat, "iut Mrs. Hoffman refused unless the tramp would leave his revolver outside. This ha refused to do. Tint night Mr. Hoffinan's barn was burned and he thinksthe tramp did it. - Chelsea Standard. The third lecture of the C. M. B, A. course, under the anspices of St. Joseph's ehurch, Dexter, will be held Thurtday evening, February 19th The speaker will be Right Kev". J. J. Foley, of Detroit, The business men's quartette, of Arm Arbor, composed of Me3srs. Alvin Wilsey, Dewitt Fall. Eugene Mutschel and B. St. James, will furnish the musical ■yrogram for tho occasion. The subject of the lecture will be "Church Unity." It is sixty years _since the original plat of the vülage of jacksonburg was led with the county clerk at Ann Arbor, which was then the county eeat for Jackson and Washtenaw. Only sixty years ago and now we have the huslling Central City, the nobleoak which sprung from the little acorn Jacksonburg. - Brooklyn Exponent. Saline real estáte seems to be on the move. The oíd G irdon homestead, on east Chicago strent, bas this week ïhanged hands. Otto Jarrandt is the 3urchaser and thfl price paid is $1,800. This house was built many j-ears i:o and cost over $7,000, we are told by one who knows, The brick was burned on the Dr. Hall farm by the late Zalmen Church. - Saline Ob-erver. Come all ye credulous, and listen to íhe follnwini; from the Oakland Excelsior "S. II. Ellingwood, a stock raiser living near Holly, missed one of his $250 cows Ihree weeks ago. He offered $50 reward for the return of the cow. Jnst tb ree weeks from the day he missed the beast he chased a pij; into a straw3tack atiil in reaching ín to caten the hogship eaught the covv's tail instead. The cow istill one of his best thoroughbrede." Charles Ketchuni is feelini greatly re lieved and highlv gratified over a veiv wceoful surgieal o pe rat ion ne had per 'or.ned under 'nis riglit cye, on Tuenday anemoon, tur the rerooval of n tumor os growth, which was becomian '( lirgo as 88 to o)Strntt the visionary fnn-tions of that eye, The gro th wa.-caivfully disBected and the wonnd cewed np, and ■when healed will probably notho any traces of its recent deformity or the surgeon's knife. - Milán Leader. Whv grope ye in daikupsp? It issaid that William SuyUind'. of Mnnith. has applied fora patent nn a chetnical luminous light which pr.Muipes to lay the Standarl Oil and Electric Lipht companies in the simde. He says he can produce a üaht "00 can die power Sfty years for twenty-five cent?. The presnnt light pro ïn.-i njr companies must give him a cWr title of all that part o] the United States lying betveen the Sulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes and from the Mississippi river to the eastern coast of Maine, or go to the wall - Stockbridge Sun. Freil Frankle, of Waterloo, who coui mitted suicide, was interred in the Germán Lutheran cemetery last week ■j it Feemed beyond a doubt that h was not responsible for what he did, for ie has showü sgm of temporary insanity for some time. The anhappj man first swallowed a cup ful! of kero ene oil, then partially succeeded in cntting his throat, and lastly hune him self in the barn, leaving the bloody razor on the table, which, when founi in the morning, led his people to the ■aepicion that he had committed suicide


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