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Cokers Quit Work

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LAID DOWN THEIR TOOLS. Pittsbiroh, Pa., Feb. 10. - The strike of the 17,000 employés of the coke región for an increase of 12% per cent. in wages, a reduction of working1 hours of day men from nine hours to eight, the placing of scales for weighing coal on all tipples, against a counter demand of the operators for a general redxiction in wages of 10 per cent., was inaugurated Monday. All through the región the minera remained away from the pits. By 1 iiis evening the last of the ovens eharged Saturday willhave been drawn and then the shut-down will be complete. The struggle promises to be long and bitter. The workmen are thoroughly organized. They have had reasonably steady work for three years, and are members of the Knights of Labor and Mine Workers of America, and through the latter organization of tlie Federaiion of Labor. The demand that coal shall be weighed instead of measured will bethe ono most vigorously insisted upon, as the minera claim that by the system of meapurind soal tliey have been defraudeil out of a large sum of money every year. Tlxey say they will be content to i'i;i;:!u uile three months if at the enil f that timethi y can gain their point. The operators say tlie demands of the cokers are Drea-.onable; that the selllng price of coke is twenty-flve cents per ton less now than it u-as ayearago, and the compliance with the demand for the ereetion of acales at each tipple would involve large expense. The H. C. I'rick Company, of which Andivw the head, cont: 16,000 ovens in the ■ I supply of coke in stock, and will wait nntil this is eshausted before (noving foi ;i settlement. Some of the smaller operators are anzious that werk fhall go on at their iil not be allowed save a( the i nuntain works, which supply the Scottdale rolling-mil] wilh coal.


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