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Another Slanderer Appears

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Althongh the regenls decided, two years ago, that the medical department sbould remain where it is, some overzealous friends of Detroit continue to agitate its removal to that city. So intense is their zeal that they do not stop short of positive falsifying. One of these gentlemen, who calis himself "Mc," wrote a letter to the Chicago Herald, whieh appearedin the issue of Saturday last. It was headed, "Factory for Doctors," and was written in a very insinuating style. The writer declared that Ann Arbor is a small town, that consequently the ilinical advantages are poor, that the hospilals are worse than mediocre, that patients are hired to go there, that the students learn nothing but theories, etc., etc., ad.nauseam. It is evident tbat"Mc,"like many oth( r agitators, does not know what lie is talking about. Otherwise, he would make different statements. He would be obliged to admit that graduates 0{ the two medical schools in Ann Arbor easily bold their own among physicians, no matter where they lócate. He woula be obliged to admit that the cllnieal ailvantagea here are not surpassed by tb ose afforded in Detroit. He would be obliged to admit that studente of this University do learn 80methii:g more than mere theories. He woulil be obliged to admit that operations have been performed in these hospital, which have elicited the attention of l!r, wbole country and have at the carne time given students an nsight into the science of surgery which conld noi be gained in many mediocre hospital8 located in larger cities. Tlie fact is, patients suffering from acute disrases are inclined to seek those bospitals in which they may receive the best treatment not those located in large citie?. The Detroit hospitals doubtless can be more easily supplied with obstetrical cases than thote in Ann Arbor; nevertheless the physicians in both colleges here have had all that they couldattend to. All these facts which we have mentioned probably never occurred to the irresponsible "Mc," and it would be folly to ask him to consider them. With the state legis'ators and citizens of the state, whose prejudices do not warp their judgments, the case is different. A mix bas been introduced in the New York legislature, permitting the sale of liquor in ball rooms without license, from one to fiveo'clock in the morning. To carry this measure, the saloonists are moving heaven and earth, and, as usual, they find in the democrats willing alliep. Only one republican in the lower heuse has deelared himself in favor of this infamous bill. These facts need no comment.


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