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The Oracle tliis year is up to the usual standard. The D. K. E.'s danced last Saturday evening. Students are busy tliis week witb examinations. The Glee Club wil! travel this year in the Wagner private car, Chicago. The Beta Thetes gave a german at Granger'ts hall on Fridav eveninc last. Mrs. Angelí will entertain the memuers of the Woman's League on Saturday afternoon next. John F. Finerty, of Chicago, has been asked to address the !aw students on Washington' birthday. Tomorrow evening Prof. W. W. Camp bell will deliver a lectnre on the Lick Ob3erva(ory at the Baptist cburcb. Sergiue Stepniak,the Russian nihilist, lectures in University Hall, February 28, under the auspicen of the Studente' Lecture Asdociation. The Glee p.nd Banjo clubs made a uecided hit in Ypsilanti last Saturday night. They looked very "chic" in the cap and gown. "Me Habet," sung by Mr. Walter and the club was especially well apprcciated. During the second semester Hon. Carroll D. Wright will deliver six !ectures on Staütics in their Relation to Economie Problems. Dr. E. R. A. Selig man will deliver lectureson theHistory of Political Eronomy. Dr. F. C. Hicks will treat the subject of Foreign Commercial Relations, and Prof. Adaius will conduct a Seininary course in Finance. The Springüeld Union says of Russell H. Conwell: " It is of no use to try to report Conwell's lectures. They are unique. Unlike anythingor anyone else. Filled with good sense, brilliant wlth new euggestions?nd inepiring always to noble life and deeds, they alwaj's pleaee with their wit. The reader of his addresses does not know the full power of the man." - Mr. Conwell appears in Ann Arbor on Feburary 21 under the auspices of the Students Lecture Association. The Michigan Schoolmasters' club meets in Room 24, Saturday, Febiuary 21. The program is as follows : Music; The Departmental Plan- Paper, Supt. Henry N. French, Kalamazoo; Discussion, Supt. W. D. Clizbe, Ionia, Supt J. N. McCall, Ithaca; University Scholarship in the High School.- Paper, Prin. J. O. Reed, Saginaw; Discussion, Piof. M. L. D'Ooge, U. of M.; Music; The ' French Lycee.- Paper, Prof. W. W. Beman, U. of M.; Discussvon, Prof. P. R. de Pont, U. of M.; General Discussion, continue;! from meeting of November 1,1890.


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