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Real Estate Transfers

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The real estáte trapsfers for the week I ending February 7, wen; as follows: ' J. T. Jacobs to H. Hillman, part of w ]A s W % sec 3, Pitisfleld $1,600 Ellen Donegan to L. F. Alber, part ofnwlii 6ec20, Northfield .7 2,500 VanSlckle & Doan to Christoph Bell, w % w Vi n w '4 sec ia, Webster 800 Martin Dawson to Jno. Burns, eJeswJi seo 2, Augusta 1,600 Frederick Eckert to Gottlieb Waltz, w % n y, neJi n esec 14, Freedom .' 1,400 Louisa Herter to Chas. Stierle, e Ú s e J s e i sec 12, Freedom 895 Louisa Herter to C. Furthmiller, part of s w 54 sec 7, Lodi 510 Caroline Stierle to Theo.Stollsteimer, part of aw]4secT, Lodi „__ 900 C. W. Saunders to A. N. Harris, Pittsfield 1 Geo. B. Jackson to Don L. Davls, lot on Forest-ave, Ypsüanti 160 : Jno. Eagan, by Adm'r, to Thos. Holmes, Manchester 435 L Thos. Holmes to M. M. Martin, part of s w % sec 20, Manchester 1 t Jas. W. Howard, by atl'y, to Ellen Donegan, part of n w W and part of s w ', sec )9, Northfleld 3,5(0 Benjamin J. Courad to Jas. W. Howard, lot 20 Swathel'sadd, AnnArbor 1,800 1 Elizabeth C. Mallery to E. E. Osband, lots 72 and 73 Cross & Bagley's add, Ypsilanti 700 I Isaac M. Whittaker to Jno. G. Hirth, ne'; sec 23; s w i s e Ji sec 14, Lima 12,000 [ Nathan E. Sutton to F. E. Button, part of n w 4 sec 2, AnnArbortown 1 I Chas. F. Long to W. J. and C. J. Breiuing, I part of lot 20, Jarvis' add, Ypsilanti 219 1 E. Clancyjr., to Michael Byan, part of lot 448 Norria' add, Ypsilanti 1 ,000 i V. B. Smith to M. W. & M. Bartrum, lot 6, hlock 5. K. S. Smith's 2d add, Ann Arbor... 1,000 j A. H. Perry !o Joseph Lowry, part of n w i sec 33, Sharon 6,100 I Joseph Lowry to Albert Perrv, e y n e i sec 21, Sharon 2,000 Q.UIT CLAIMS. P. R. Cleary to Cleary Business College, lots 1 and 2. Howard's add, Ypsilanti 20,000 G. Saunders, by Adm'r, to A. N. Harris, w U s w 4 sec 13, Pittsfield 1 Chelsea Saviugs Bank to Jno. G. Hirth, n e M sec 23, and s w YA s e y. sec 14, Lima 1,420 Jennett A. Parsons to A. O. Parsons et al., parts of sec 1, 16, 17, 18 and 20, Saline 1,000 A. M. Young to Sturm & Reeves, ej$ne :k seel6, Saline 1 Sarah A. Young to Sturm & Keeves, eKne isec 16, Saline 1 C. F. Hill to Sturm & Reeves, e M n e 14 sec 16, Saline f. 1 C. M. Fellows to Sturm & Reeves, e ;; n e i sec 16, Saline _ 3,200 Sanford ei Wright, by att'y, to SturmÏReeves, i sec IC, Saline 3,200 VV. A. Sanford to Sturm 5i Reevts, e4nel4 ïecl6, Saline '.„ 1 E. C. Young, by Adm'r, to Sturm & Reeves, ene J4 sec 16, Saline 1 Jas. A. Young to Sturm & Reeves, e y, n e M secl6, Saline ' 1 Frederick Riebm to Dorothea Esslinger, s w i4seX, and ey,eUsel4sv T sec 12, Bridgewater, and s J n e }5 n w J4 sec 18, Saline. 125 C. H. Clancy, jr.. to M. R. Clancy, lots 8 and 9 and part of lot 10, block 3. s of range 8 e, Anii Arbor _.„ goO J. Kobbins to W. B. Robbins, bvi'Í nvl4 8ec29. Augusta 1,000 J. Robbins to W. Robbins, part of e 14 n e i sec 30, Augusta „ 1,000