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Excitement In Rochester

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An unusual article from theRochester, N. Y., Deniocrat and Chronicle, was recently republished in this paper and was a subject of much comment. That the article caused even more cominotion in Roohester, the following from the same paper shows : Dr. J. B. Henion, who is well-known, notonly in Rochester but in nearly every part of America, sent an extended article to this paper, a few days sinee. which was duly publühed, detailing his remarkable experience and rescue from what seemed to be certain death. It woüld be impossible to enumérate the personal enquiries which have been made at our office as to the validity of the article, but they have been so numerous that further investigation of the subject was ueemed necessury. With thisend in view.arepresentative of this paper called on Dr. Henion, at his residence, when the following interview occurred: "That article of yours, Doctor, has created quite a whirlwind. Are the statements about the terrible condition you were in, and the way you were rescued such as you can sustain?" " Every one of them and many additional ones. I was brought so ïow by neglecting the first and most simple symptoms. I did not think I was sick. It is true I had frequent headaches; feit tired most of the time ; could eat nothing one day and was ravenous the next ; feit dull pains and my stomach was out of order, but I did not think it meant anything serious." "Themedical profession has been treating symptoms instead of diseases for years, and it is high time it ceased. The symptoms I have just inentioned, ör any unusual action orirritation of the water channels, indícate the approach of kidney disease more than a cough announces the coming of consumption. We do not treat the cough, but try to help the lungs. We should not waste our time trying to relieve the headache, pains about the body or other symptoms, but go directly to the kidneys, the gource of these ailments." "This, then, is what you meant when you said that more than one-half the cleaths which occur arise from Bright's disease, is it, Doctor?" "Precisely. Thousands of diseases are torturing people, today, which in reality are Bright's disease in some of its many forms. It is a hydra-headed monster, 8nd the slightest symptoms should strike terror to every one who has them. lean look back and recall hundreds of deaths which physicians declared at the time were caused by paralysis, apoplexy , heart disease, pneumonía, malarial fever and other common complaints, which I see now were caused by Bright's disease." "And did all these cases have simple symptoms at first?" "Every one of them, and might have been cured, as I was, by the timely use of the same remedy. I am getting my eyes thoroughly opened in this matter and think I am helping others to see the facts and their possible danger also." Mr. Warner, who was visited at his establishment on N. St. Paul-st, spoke very earnestly: " It is true that Bright's disease had increased wonderfully and we find, by reliable statistics, that from 70 to '80 its growth was over 250 per cent! Look at the prominent men it has carried off, and is taking off every year, for while many are dying apparently of paralysis and apoplexy, they are really victims of kidney disorder, which causes heart disease, paralysis, apoplexy, etc. Nearly every week the papers record the death of some prominent man from this awful scourge. Recently, however.theincrease has been checked and I attribute this to the general use of my remedy." "Do you think many people are afflicted with it today who do not realize it, Mr. Warner?" " A prominent professor in a New Orleans medical college was lecturing before his class on the subject of Bright's disease. He had various fluids under micro.icopic analysis and was showing thestudeuts what the indicationsof this terrible malady were. 'And now, gentlemen,' Iir said, 'as we have seen the uuhealthy ndications, I will show you how it appears in a state of perfect health,' and he submitted his own fluid to the usual test. As he wutched the results his countenance suddenly changed - his color and command both left him and in a Irembling voice hesaid: 'Gen!lemen, I have made a painful discovery ; have Bright's disease of the kidneys;' and in le&s than a year he was dead. The slightest indications of any kidney difficulty should be etiough to strike terror to any one." "You know of Dr. Henion's case?" 'Yes, I have both read and heard of it." "It ia very wonderful, is it not?" " No more so than a great many others that have come to my notice as having been cured by the same means." "You believe, then, that Bright's disease can be cured ?" "I know it can. I know it from my own and the experience of thousands of prominent persons who were given up to die by both their physicians and friendB." "You speak of y our own experience, what was it?" " A fearful one. I had lelt languid and unfitted for business for years. But I did not know what ailed me. When, however, I found it was kidney difficulty, I thought there was little hope and so did the doctors. I have since learned that one of the physicians of this city pointed me out to a gentleman on the street one day.Bayiüg: ' There goes a man who will be dead within a year.' I believe his words would have proved true if I had not fortunately used the iemed}' now known as Warner's Safe Cure." " Did you make a chemical analysis of the case of Mr. H H. Warner, some three years ago, Doctor?" was asked Dr. S. A. Lattimore, one of the analysts of the State Board of Health. "Yes, sir." " What did this analysis show you ?" "A serious disease of the kidneys." "Did you think Mr. Warner could recover?" "No, sir; I did not think it possible." "Do you know anything about the remedy which cured him?" "I have chemically analyzed it and find it pure and harmless." The standing of Dr. Henion, Mr. Warner and Dr. Lattimore in the community is beyond question, and the statements they make cannot for a moment be doubt ed. Dr. Henion's experience shows that Bright's disease of the kidneys is one of the most deceptive and dangerous of all diseases, that it is exceedingly common, but that it can be cured if taken in time.


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