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IS IT UNKNOWN? Eead what the greatest Music Pablishing tirni in this country says of it : We have rented and sold your pianos extensively, and recommend them as being in every respect reliable and satisfactory. OLIVER DITSON & CO., Boston. Mesare. Oliver Diteon & Co. have purchased upwards of 800 of our Pianos and never had occasion to make a demand on us for any defect in the instrumenta. No finer instrument has ever come under my inspection. . . . I cheerfully recommend them as inferior to none in the market. HENRY S. CUTTER, Organist of Trinity Churcli, New York. I predict for your unrivalled pianos the highest popularity. They are now in the front rank of superior workmanship. Sincerely yours, HOWARD M. DOW, Organist of the " Church of the Unity" (Rev. Hepworth's), Boston. " Are the perfection of musical mechanism."- Providence Journal. "It is the sweetest-toned piano I ever heard. "-From Mr. Earris, of England, t!f inventor of the celebraled "Harria Engine." Mr. H. C. Barnabee, the celebrated vocalist, says: " They are splendid in tone and action, and the handsomesl pianos 1 ever have seen." I consider the Guild method of timing the nearest perfection of any I havo ever seen. I have often wondered why some method was not devised to tune the piano without turning the pins in the pin block. Gnild has the riglit idea. The piano must stay in tnne, and will certainly wear longer. G. W. RENWICK. Müskegün, MlCH., August 9, 1890. No "Blipping" or "springing" of tuning pins. The most beautiful cases. Guaranteed not to check. Mr. Guild recently wrote : "lam distracted with orders; make no new agencies. My improvements take like wildíire." It has been impossible for me to secure half the nnmber of these pianos needed. They are coming on again, and I cordially invite all to cali and see them. AL VIN WILSEY, State Agent. 25 South Fourtii Ave., Ann Arbor Mich. N. B.- A fine stock of SEWING MACHINES (Especially the standard. Guitars, Banjos, Mandolina, etc., etc., at cut prices, for Holiday trade.


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