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■What makes thatjoy, tlmt merriment?" Rheumatic paiua, neuralglc gout, Salvation 011 has put to rout- Salvation 011, for healing sent, Salvation 011, the liniment. ' Is marriasre a failure?" "Wel!, reponded Mr.-. X , tlionghtfnlly, "I think Hiabanda are nicer rats. but not 80 nice as pues." Go and do ükewise. If your whiskers are grizzly and nnbecnming use Buckngham's Bye and tht-y wil! lok as when vou were younger. Two combatanlsarrpsted for ihrowing cerosenp on paoh other explained to the udie tlia tliey were slmply operatinjï n the oil exchanjre. Bewareof Frauds- Be mreyon srel the trenuineDr. Thomas' Eclwctrle Oil Ir ures Cold=, Croup, A=thrna, DeafnefS ml Rhentaatism. Bertie- I hate that fellow Pii'M-, ihe ailor. I'd ike to murder hini! Charlie Wliv don'l yon pay his Wil? Htwould probably die of snrprisn. George Campbell, Hopkinvill, Ky.. ays: Burdock Blood Bitters is Ihe best treparation for the Blood and S'omaiih ver manufactured. NoW is the season when the merry kater cuts geometrie figures on the ice, and at intervals studies astronomy. Physicians' presoriptions have failed o rëach many cases of rheumatism cnown to have been subsequently cured by Salvation Oil. That is the reason why the popular voice is practically unanimous in its favor. One bottle is usually sufficient. You can always distinguish vour riehds from your enemies by observing hat the former agree with you when 'ou say harsb things about yourself. Pastor, with a sigh- Well, we've all got to go, sooner or later. Layman - Yes, yes, and the later the etter. A Lady In Texas Wrltes: My case is of long standing; has aflled many physicians; have tried every remedy I could hear of, but Bradield's Female Regulator is all that reieved me. Write The Bradfield Reg. }o. Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. Sold by all druggists. One would think that livery stables wouldn't be compelled to eoücit business when sleighing was good, yet they send out runners every day. Tiie Ricli Illan's Son. The rich man's son inlierits lands, And piles of brick and stones and gold, And te inherits toft white hands, Au1 tender flesh that feare the cold. Like softhands.and tender flesh, many diseases are inherited; especially tendenties to Asthma, Consumption, Bronchitis, and Stomach and Liver troubles ; jut there is a remedy, known as the 'Golden Medical Discovery," which overcomes these diseasesand cuts off all endencies towards a fatal resul t. Dr. ?ierce, of Buffalo, has put this remedy within the reach of all, eo that even the wor as well as the rich, can obtain it. [t is worth more to you than "piles of jrick and stone and gold." Ask your druggist forit. It's guaranteed to benefit r cure in every case, or money paid for t willbe refunded. Rlie Hit Hlm Jnst Rlslil Miss Nestle- Are you interested in the anguage of flowers. Mr. Appolis? Mr. Appolis (of St. Paul)- I ehould say I was ! Spring wheat, longs and shorts, staple brands, an' millin' machinery is my pet hobbies. Seen them patent bags forpacking? I.iiiIK- Try Great French Remedy. Dr. Le Duc's Periodical Pilis from Paris, France, act only upon the generative organs in fe males, and positively cure suppression of the mensus (from whatever cause) and all periodical troubles peculiar to women. Established in Europe, 1839; England, 1850. Canada, 1878; United States, 1887. A safe, reliable remedy, warranted to excite menstruatation, or money refunded. The larger portion of the ï 1 Is to which ladies are subject is the direct result of a disotdered and irregular menstruatation. The American Pili Co., proprietors. Pprice, $2. Sold by Eberbach & Son, druggists, Ann Arbor. Micb O Littlc Mollle' Mistabp. Just as the family were about to start for church laat Sunday morning, Mollie, ased eeven, said: "Mamma, isn't Mr. Banks going to chureb?" " He'ci not going to our church, Mollie; he's an Episcopalian, you know." "I wish he were an American, so he could go to church with me, " said the puxzled little girl. Let tbe World Know Ton are in II. It seems almost a crime for a man to "hide his light under a bushel." If he has something new.that will benefit the human race, he should make it known. Old-fogy physicians tread the beaten path of their grandfathere, denounceadvertised remedies, and never learn anything new. Medical science knows no parallel to Dr. Pierce'sFavorite Prescription, compounded by a physician of skill and long experience, especially for maladies which afflict women. It effect a permanent cure of those agonizing disorders which attack her frail organism, and is an anchor of hope alike to delicate girls and suffering women; contains no deleterious drugs. A guarantee on the bottle-wrapper, refunding the price in case of failure. Of druggists, $1.00. Hangsterfer's FRENCH, HAND MADE Bon Bons Ik a Box. Tut up In one pound Faney lioxes. Sold elsewhere at forty and lifty cents. Fresh Candies made everv day. ■-'S SOUTH MAIN Kt., - ANN ARROR SAW MILLS ENGINES, ImprOTCd Variable Frtclion Feed Send for catalogue and special prices. A. B. I' AIMtl II Alt CO„ York, Pa.


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