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Crisp Condensations

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There is enough nickel in northern ! Ontario to plate all the naviea of the , world. I The Berlín fire department haa lately i received an engine "constrncted entirely ' of papier mache." A Calhoun, Ga., man has a chair vhich Ue claims is 1 15 years old, and las its original bottom. In some foreigu cities there are men ïired to attract a crowd to their employers' windows ly staring and gazing into ,hem. There is probably no town on earth vhcre patent medicines are consumed to such an e:iormous extent as at Constan inople. The Pyramidfl are being assailed. Two ocal sheika are digging out stones froin ;he lower courses of the two pyramids of Ghizeh. The government telegraph service of Great Britain transniits, it is said, on an average 1,538,370 words a day to ïewspapers alone. An owl was recently killed near Centreville, Miss., that nieasured 4 feet 4 nches from tip to tip of its wings. 't had two horns, and a face and head ;hat resembled a bulldog. After some forty years of immereion in the waters of the pool of Echoschacht, not f ar from Hermann? ';■■; several ïuinan bodies have been t t to the surface in a state of perfect pr rvation. In cutting a big oypreea fcreo iar Astor, Fia., a living alligator.'■ -t ong was found therein. As the op in the tree was not half large enough f or ;he 'gator to get through, the presnmpon is that it crawled in wlien quite young and lived on other anímala and reptiles that sought refuge there.


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