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See for yourself how 5 Blankets wear and other makes tear. FREE-Get from your dealer free, the 4 Book. It has handsome pictures and valuablo Information about horses. Two or three dollars for a sa Horse Blanket will make yonr horse worth more and eat less to keep warm. i 5A Five Mile _. . 5A Boss Staöle for 5A Electric 5A Extra Test 30 other stylcs al ■ cit erery■oilv f yon rar.'t gei Hut:, fmm youï 5A tionsï BLANKETS AftE THE STROWGEST. NONC GENUINEWITHTr r: ■ - A i '"I Kanofd by Wm. Atbtw ifi ■■: mVe thp famous Horw Hnir ' nj "Wood's Flios%!fcLOÖJlaQ.OTI1E GREAT EGLI8H REMEDYfor 35 years: - k of Youthful folly tf and the exoesse. .fully. nAsf f later yenrs. ii io cur all TJtTwff J Gives imvwditit: nriu of Nervous Hjyxj strenoth cmdvtg ' i'tness, KJ, """. Askdrugtds1..-1 , IP""''! for Wood'B Vhos ii i, imDoteucy. St , Aiir' phodtne: takei" .-■ tl the offecta1 Photo from Ufe. uDstltute. ne ' "Híre.íl; si. $5, by mail. Wríte for pamuhler ipcss The. Wond Chemical Co., 131 Woodwarj , Detroit, Mích. ■ ■ 0 A I Dl can teearnedRtourNEniineofwork 1 KI I Wmi,i,lly and hunorably, by thoie oi lUI I I lU ■■ W ei [hor tez, joung or oíd, itnd Ín their 1111 I ownlocalitiea.whererertbeylire.Any ■ ■■ 0 I ■ ■■ I one can do Ibe work. Kaay to learn. We furnisa everythin. We start you. Xo risk. You can derolo yoot spare moment, „i all your time to the work. Thls it an entirely new eail.and lirtng woaderful aucceas to every worker. BegtDners ar eaniing from S2ó to #50 per week and upwards, ana raore after a littla experience. We can furniah you (h employmentand teach you FltKK. No itiaretu expiáis hut. Full infonnatíon FKKK. TBUL fc CO.. AtötSTi, Jtll.Nk. Il YOU WISH To Advertise Anything Anywhere ATAny time WRITE TO Geo. P. Rowell & Ca No. io Spruce Stree NEW YORK. If You Have CONSUMPTION, BRONCHITIS, SCROFULA, COUCHorCOLD, THROAT AFFECTION, WASTINCof FLESH, Oi aii'f JHsrase where the Throat and humjs are Inflamcti, iMck of Strcmjth et Xerve Power, you can be rclicred and {'ured by SCOTT'S EMULSIÓN OF PURECODLIVEROBL With Hypophosphites. Palatable as Milk. Axlt for Srott's Jfmirfsioa, nu! ! t . ■ explana (ion or solicitation induce pow to accept a substituir. Sold by all Druggists. SCOTT & BOWME, Chemists, B. Y. No rrore s oi thisl ■ . ■ tabiy üght, j Up " ' ' COLCHESTl : Í5BER C6. ■ ftil iM'!r fiïio-s wiiii UuiuJti .' M-. i tined with u .a;.j ureventa the . . dom sUpptBg ofl Jail nr tbfl UOiCAMVT ADHESIVA COUNTERS." FOR SALE BV Win. Allaby, John Hurt, Ioiy Felner, I.. Grnner, W. Rrlubardt A Co.. A. D. SoyliT A Son. ANN ARBOR.


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