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During the inonths of May and June Ann Arbor is almost paradise. Athletics are then given the fullest attention. Bicycle trips and carriage drives are indulged in freely. Moonlight serenades render the atmosphere ever melodious. Not only are all these amusements enjo} ■ ', bat society is nevermore active or more brilliant than it is during May and Ju ■. Not less than eeven fine social evento will take place at Granger's Hall before June 1. On May 1 the fraternity faction will give their freshman banquet; a number of the society boys and ladies will go through the german on May 8; the delegates of the Delta Gamma sorority hold a convention in the hall on the 14th; the Ssrosis give a german on the following evening; a fraternity hop takes place on the 20th; the independent freshman banquet occurs on the 23d, and on the 24th the high school students, or some of them, trip the iight fantastic. In addition to these parties. many will doubtless be given at private houses. May will be a gay month. WHIST AND DANCING. Mr. and Mr3. Edward Eberbach entertained about forty guests in a pleasant manner, on Thursday evening last. Musió for dancing was furnished by the Minnis orchestra. Whist was also one of the amusements. The following ladies and gentlemen were present : Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Wines, M;. and Mre. F. A. Howlett, Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Schairer, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Beal, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Stimaon, Mr. and Mrs.Walter Lathrop, Mr. and Mrs. C. 8. Fall, Mr. and Mrs.H. A. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bennett; Mesdames N. J. Kyer and O. M. Martin; Miases Ida Lathrop, Jennie Wines, Minnie Drake, Bertina Bliss, Nellie Kyer, Nina Fall, Lillie Lee of Ypsilanti, and Anna Judd of Ypsilanti ; Clara Phelps of Dexter; Messrs. Ed. Wallace, Will Ivishlar and Henry Samson, of Ypsilanti; J. R. Miner, Charlee Kyer, Boy Lathrop, Thomas Kearney, A. Deyo, F. C. Brown and John Goodspeed. A YOUNO PEOPLE'8 PARTY. The residence of Sedgwick Dean, on Packard-st, was the scène of a gay party on Thursday evening, when Miss Clara Dean gracefully entertainedsome thirty of her young friends, The evening was whiled away with. games and otber fitting amusement. Among tbose present were: Misses Ray Brown, Christine Lily, Nellie Bach, Frieda Gillett, Dot Jones, Flossie Spence, Mabel Pettee, Mabel Hallock, Nina Jacobs, Ethel Morris, Carlotta Medaris, Grace Moore, Gertrude Chute, Margie Knowlton, Bessie Kinna ; Masters Waldo Bach, Harry Brown, Rosa Spence, Roger Morris, Hurry DePont, Omar and Phil Hall, Clarence and Walter Vaughn, Hardy Woodruff and Torn Kinna. HERE AND THKRE. Miss Mildred Olp spent last week in Ypsilanti. Edwin F. Mack spent Sunday with his parents. Ross Whitman has been visiting in Belleville. Miss Francés Waldron returned last week from Europe. Mrs. G. W. Miley is recovering from a eevere fit of illness. Ralph Pinckney spent Sunday at his home in Hamburg. Geo. S. Haviland, of Detroit, was in the city on Monday. Prof. R. Hudson spent his vacation in Detroit and Adrián. Miss Kelly, of Cleveland, is visiting J. W. Knight and family. Robert Johnson, of Jackson.. is visiting his sister, Mrs. D. C. Fall. W. G. Fowler,of Detroit, spent Sunday with A. D. Seyler and family. Miss Julia Pitkin on Friday last returned from Petrolia, Ontario. Wm. Condón, of Houghton, ia spending a few days with his family. Mrs. P. D. Noble is seriously ill at the home of her son, A. L. Noble. Mies Edith Huddy has returned from a trip to several places in this state. L. D. Hubbard and Miss Jennie Mon roe attended a party in Saline, Friday night. G.W.Millen and wife are Bpending the week with Mrs. Mlllen's parents, in Con cord. Mrs. John Burg is spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. George Johnson, o Saline. Mrs. S. M. Simpson, of Chicago, is speading the week with her brother S. S. Blitz. Herman Spring, of Gretna, Manitoba pent last week with his mother, Mrs Sophia Spring. E. W. Pratt, of the firm of Wood Brown, & Co., Cantón, Ohio, is visitin; E. J. Knowlton. Hon. C. R. Whitman was called to New York on Friday night by the serious ill ness of his son. Miss Jo8ie Petersnn, of the normal school, spent last week with Mrs. A. J. Walker. The Wednesday night club enj oyed a pleasant hop at Granger's hall last evening. Edwin A. Gatchell, of Cleveland, has been visiting nis brotlier, Dr. Chas. Gatchell. E. O. Dewey, editor of the Owosso limes, and wife were in Ann Arbor yesterday. Miss Lulu Moore retnrned Saturday 'rom Toledo, where she has been visiting hree weeks. , Prof. and Mrs. J. C. Knowlton give a reception thh evenint, in honor of H. C. Adams and wife. John Goetz, jr., and fatnily left, Monday, for Mt. Cleraents, where Mr. Goetz ;oes for his health. John Hicks and danghter Kate, of Cleveland, Ohio, h?ve been visiting Mrs. M. Hicks, of Twelfth-st. TheWolveiine Cycler3 gave their final ïop on Thursday evening last. About .25 conples were present. The art club will not held i(s annual exhibition thi: year, on account of the art loan in Newberry Hall. Mrs. A. D. Lake, of Kalamazoo. will spend a month with her husband, who is 3tudying under Dr. Carrow. Mr. and Mrs. Watson W. Lovitt, of Detroit, are visiting Mrs. Lovitt's mother, Mrs. Caroline Crai:. The ladies of the Unitarian church will ent.rtain the King's Daughters, forty-flve in number, tomorrow evening. Mr. and Miss Foisy, of South Dakota, andMiss Allen, of South Dakota, spent last week with Mr. and Mrs.W. Goodyear. Mr3. Amanda M. Tourtellote gave a tea party on Wednesday evening, last week, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. B. Hall. Miss Sara Whedon visited the high schools of Detroit and Lansing last week, in the interest of her high school work. Col. H. S. Dean and Dr. W. F. Breakey leave nest Monday for Old Mi6sion, where they expect to build new cot. tages. On Wednesday evening of last week a party of ladies and gentlemen tendered a surprise party to Mr. and Mrs. Caspar Rinsey. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Peterson and Miss Bertina Blisa attended the wedding of Miss Britton, in Detroit, on Wednesday evening. Wm. R. Waldron, of Jackson, formerly of Webster, spent a few days. last week, with his daughter, Mrs. J. M. Hallock. George Schellmier, bookkeeper of the Allmendinger Piano and Organ company, expects to leave soon for Fargo, North Dakota. A number of the young masters and misses were entertained Friday evening at the residence of Mrs. Dr. Bairight, on Jefferson-st. Miss Elizabeth Brown will entertain the Young Ladies' Society of Bethlehem church, next Thursday, at the residence of Mrs. John Burg. Erastus Le Seuer, of 41 Broadway, celebrated his eightieth birthday on Tuesday last. He has resided in this city for fifty-five years. Mrs. Dewit, of Lansing, and Misses Capwell and Spencer, of the Normal, were the guests of Misses Anna and Emma Stroh, last week. The second Denver social will be given by the Knights Templars next Monday evening. It bids fair to be equally as enjoyable as the flrst. Mrs. E. J. Knowlton re turned home, Saturday, from Norwich and Bostoni Mass., where she has been spending the winter with her daughter,Mrs. W. T. Whedon. A surprise party was given Friday night at the residence of W. G. Burchiiekl. About eighteen couples were present, who spent the evening with dancing and games. Alderman Christian Martin and wife celebrated their tin wedding Friday night, at their residence on SouWi Fourth-st. Music was furnished by members of the Harugari society. The "Gesangverein Lyra," with thirty-five members, has been organized. The following officers were elected: President, Nathaniel Stanger; vice-president, Miss Otilia Eberbach; secretary, Eugene J. Koch; musical director, Prof. R. H. Kempf. The be given at the opera house tomorrow evening, under the direction of Ross Granger, bids fair to draw a large audience. The boards are now open at Moore & Taber's book store. The entertainment may possibly be repeated on Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Clarkson entertained a few friends at whist on Thursday evening last. The following were present : Mr, and Mrs. Harrison Soule, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bach, Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Gaige, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Doty, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Adaras, Mr. and Mrs. S. V. Beakes; Mesdames Beakes and Medaris and Misses Anna Adams, McMahon and Soule.


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