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Am Enthusiasic Meeting

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The Methodist church was crowded, last Sunday eveuing, with the friends of law and order. The meeting was held under the auspices of the Baptist, Congregational, Methodist and l'resbyterian churcheB. Rev. E. H. Rust presided and prayer was offered by Rev. J. W. Bradshaw. The first address was made by Rev. A. S. Carman. He drew three pictures, which, he said, were typical of the effect8 of intemperance in the city. One was a drunkard's home. Another was a group of young boys, sons of prominent citizens, going straight from school to the saloon. Still another was a University student sent to Ann Arbor and committed by bis mother to the charge of the pastor. Soon he drops out of sieht, becomes a drunkard anc is lost. The mother weeps and sighs that this is a sample of what Aun Arbor does for the students. Who is to blame for these three pictures? The Dlame is pretty evenly distributed. It falls upon the saloonkeeper, upon foolish friends, upon employers, upon the man who excures the traffic, upon the pastor who has neglected to arouse the conscientes of the people, upon those, finally, who, bereit of sons and daughters, as a resul t of this scourge, can do naught but cry wildly for vengeance. But two alternatives present themselves to the mind of the thinking ma n. Either the saloon must be driven out of Ann Arbor, or, if that can't be done, city offlcers must be urged to execute, fully and completely, every law on the statute book. Rev. J. M. Gelston, of the Presbyterian church, spoke plainly. The truth is, said he, that the laws in this city have not been enforced for years. If people will only unite and insist on good governmentj'we can have it. The trouble is simply this, that men insist on carrying national politics into city elections. As a result of the citizens' movement we have better city officers than we] have had for years. Let us make this organization permanent. We should have anon-partisan ticket every year. After a few remarks by Rev. R. H Rust the meeting closed. Who'sgot the key?


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