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Good Prospects For Farmers

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The secretary of state, in the last monthly erop report, eays of the present condition of crops in the state: Up o the first day of April wheat in the central and southern counties, where 97 )er cent of the erop ofthis state is grown( ïad suffered no material injury. The winter has been an open one, and, as in all open winters, the top is more or less jrowned, and in some localities badly browned, but the root, it is believed, remains uninjured. On heavy clay and undrained soüb the plant is without doubt somewhat datnaged, bat even ïere it is hoped the damage is not serious. The figures showing condition are, in the southern four tiers of counties 97 per cent, and in tlie central counties 92 percent, eomparison being with average years. One year ago the figures in thesouthern counties were 70 percent, and in the central 65 per cent. The total number of bushels of wheat reported marketed by farmers in Maren is 1,518,297. The total number of bushels of wheat reported marketed in the eight months August-March is 11,568,617, or about 49 per cent of the erop of 1890. The number of hssfaela reported marketed in the same months of 1889-90 was 10,496,500, or 45 per cent, of the erop of 1889. Reporta were received each year from a'uout 80 per cent of the elevators and milis in the southern fonr tiers of counties. Clover meadows and pastures are reported in rood condition. The figures showing tion are 94 per cent in tlie southr rn, and 02 per cent in the cnntral counties. On April 1, 1S90, the figures were 75 in the Southern and 71 in the central counties. Horses, cattle, sheep and swine are n good conditiou. The outlook for fruit, particularly applesand peacheg, is promÍ8ing in all parts of the state. The following facts with regard to Washtenaw county will be of interest: Condition of wheat, as coinpared with average yeare, 101 per cent; dover meadowe and pastures, 97; horses, 97; cattle, 94; sheep, 95; swine, 94; wheat marketed at .24 elevator and milis in March, 70,917 buhhels; wheat marketed eince Antrust 1,1890, 432,547 bushela.


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