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The Democrats are indulging in a few quotations, "purely poetical," and at the Republicana' expense, reganling the last charter. There is evidently many a slip, and especially when Terns, the big saloon man, sets after anything, for instante a city charter, and "knocks it silly," as the boys affirm. Well, time only will reveal which is the stronger, the sentiment of the best people or the pig-headedness of- some other folks. They say that the change in the superintendency of the Ypsi-Ann ie decidedly a good tliiug, as Mr. C. S. Woodard knowa what is needed to be done and how to do it. This week fiads E.B.Morehouse, the ex-insurance agent, moving his family to Council Bluffs, Ia. Lamb, Davis & Kishlar, the dry goods boys, have again opened their dressmaking rooms and placed them in charge of Miss Bliss, of Ann Arbor. Dr. Pratt, of the Forest-ave sanitarium, bas opened a down town office over the Savings Bank building. It looks as though a good share of the city was getting ready to attend the reception this week Friday evening, to be given by Dr.and Mrs. Van Tuyl and their Bon Harry. It will undoubtedly be the first event of the season. Last Saturday evening a goodly number of friends gathered at the home of Doctor and Mrs. Murdock to help them cel├ębrate their silver wedding. It was a genuinely pleasant affair. The Normal has opened with a bright atter-vacation air and work educational is progressing rapidly. It is rumored that there will beavacancy in the Normal librarian's chair next fall and that Mrs. Capt. Spencer, late of the state library force at Lansing, has been asked to fill the position. The Teipsichoreans had a fine time at the home of Chas. Ferrier last Friday evening and the guitar and banio club made things lively at the Gilbert's, last evening.


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