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Black suckera abound in the .Saline river. Kev.J. E,Platt will become fcbe Baptist pastor at Saline. The Germán Workingmen's Society of Saline is out of debt. Services are nowbeing held in the new Episcopal church at Belleville. John Moran has been unanimously reelected nigiit watch i" Manchester. Several farmers living iic.Kmu-sLake will raise silbar ■ thi year. Thos. H. Clark has been elected [r.-?ident of the village ot South Lyon. H. A. Jewett has been elected policeman in Saline for the ensuing year. The villageof South Lyon, last year, received$l,852 8r), and disboned $1371.88. An amerilla, with sixteen blossomttand twenty binlH, is one of Saline's attractions. The Baptist church of Dexter bas received fifiy copies of the "People'sPraise Book." St. Joseph's chun-.h, Dexter, bas new stone stepB. The u ppet one weighs 6,3(H) pounds. Chas. Barber, of Hamburg, caught a pickerel, last week, which weighed 16] pounds. Bodies are beinn removed froui the old cemetery ut Stockbridge to new burial grounds. Miss Ajigie Alber, of Ypsilanü, will teach the Worden school during the spring term. The Patrons of Liviniifton county will meet in convent ion at Howell. Wednesday, April 29. Tno Stockbridge boys recently killed seventyñvesnakesin oneday. TheSun says so, :it least. Peter Hill, one of Northüeld'e oldesl residents, died last week Wednesday, at the age of seventy-eight. Mr. and Mrs. C T. Conklin, of Chelsea, have eparated. They have lived together for thirty-live years. The Home Building and Loan assocation, of South Lyon, ha been organized. Dr. D. L. Howes is president. Marais D. Case haB been elected marshal of Manchester, at a salary of $120 a year. This does not include a trip to TCurope. The booths at the kstelection proved such nuisances that they are unanimously condemned. - Ypsilanti Sentinel. Nonsense! The annual meeting of the Washtenaw Baptist Assoeiation and Sunday school convention will be held in Chelsea, May 5, 8 and 7. Andrew Greening, an old pioneer, died at Chelsea last Thursday morninj?. He was seventy-three years old, and came to this county in 1841. TheClintonwoolenmillmanufactnred $265,000 worth of goods last year. The eompany paid out $43,536.36 for labor. The number of employés at present is 100. Sylvan is still (he banner Republican township in the county, and alsohas the distinction of pollinq; more votes than any otHer procinct in tlio county.- Chelsea Standard. Wm. l'urtlpss and L. I) Walkins, of Mancbeeter, wentto Chicago forthe purpose of buyinp soiiie oreatern cattle, bot they found" none which Riiited them. The Lima Eepublican club haseleeted the following offieers: President, O. C. Burkhardt ; vico president, George II. Mitchell; secretary, JohnJ.Wood; treasurer, Alvin J. Easton. Ed. GoBsman, a Manchester man, feil through a hole in the hay loft and Btruck a sheep rack, cutting an ear in two. He that hath ears to hear shpuld take care of them. - Adrián Press. The parents of Chet Weir, the yanlmaster who took his own life at St. Thomas, Ont., last week, reside about a aiile and a half east of Manchesier. The causeof thesuicide wasfinancial trouble. The April meeting of the Saline Farmer's club was extremely interesting, the topic for discuesion being, "Would the two per cent overnment loan be beneficial to the farmers of this country?" E. C. Warner argued the aflirmative,and H. D. Platt the negative. The Belleville Enterprise has inserted an advertisement of the Pólice Gazette, in which the following words appear : "No 8aloon Keeper, Barber or Club Room can afford to be without it. It always makes friends wherever it goes." Thie is rather tough on the barbers. The branch road company are bound tohaveallihereis; tliia week they bave 'been gathering up the spikes along the road bed. If they should decide to come tor the ties they will have to bring a tíne tooth rake tnd tight hottoui wagon to eather the decayed fragmenta -South Lyon Excelsior. A telegram was Kceived hereMonday, Btating that Jas. Gueet died Sunday, at Clare, Michigan. No particulare were given. The deceaeed lias for many years been a resident here and had but recently gone to Clare. He was a meniber of Jeftord's Poot.G. A.R., of th:s village. - Dexter Leader. A number of young people of thia village and Ann Arbor liave procured and presented to Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hollis a fine life-sized crayon portrait, richly frameil, of their late mach loved son. It b the best picture of Charley we have ever seen, and is highly prized by bis parftnts.- Manchester Enterprise. An absent-minded woman in Grasa Lake started down street the other day and slipped and feil flat. In recovering herself she got turned around and Btarted back home. She is a cousin to a woman in Stockbridge who started to prepare the eveninp meal recently when she sneezed, and upon recovering thought she was "doing up" the supper diBhes. She put everything away nicely and eat down for a quiet evening. - Oheleea Herald. The Oliver Wendell Holmes Literary society, of Dexter, gave an entertainment last Friday. The programme was as follows : Keading report, Secretary; Instrumental Music, Belle Lawton ; Oliver Wendell Holmes, Emma Schaberle ; One Country, Eugene Sly ; Under the Violets, Mary Fitzsimmons ; The Battle of Lexington.Alf Wall; Song, the Society; Aunt Tabitha, Clara McGuiness; Departed Ways, George Marshall ; Truth, Maude Selleck ; God Save the Flag, Herman Wurster ; The Last Leaf, Belle Lawton ; Sun and Shailow, Belle Ayers.


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