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Ruined By Gales

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Marión, Intl., April 18. - A destructve wind and hailstorm swept the northern part of this city yesterday' aíternoon. In that section are ten faeories, not" one of whieh escaped injury. The Crosby paper mül was comiletely crushed and the machinery iroken. The Marión window-glass vorks and the Swezay & Johnson kewer-works were partially unroofed and otherwise daniaged. A number of Iwcllings went down and trees and onces were leveled, while stables and outhouses were tumbled about everywhere. Jacksonville, I1L, April 18.- The east part of this (Morgan) county was visited by a cyclone whieh, fortunatey, did but little dam age. One man with a load of hay was caught and used up pretty well. The wagon and contents were twisted around and around and pitched into a hedge in a twinkling, but, strangely enough, the man and horses were but little injured. Liberal, Kan., April 18. - Report brought in state that the courthouse at fiansford, Tex., in course of constructen and nearly completed, was destroyed by a cyclone and a brickinason and another man was killed. Bvery house was more or less damaged. From there the cyclone traveled in a southeasterly direction to Paludora, a little town on the Beaver river, in Beaver county, O. T., which place is reported as entirely destroyed.


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