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THE ,GUILD_piANO I Boston, Massachusetts, March 4, 1891. ALVIN WILSEY, Ann Arbor, Mich.: Dear Sir - Your order for fifty (50) pianos received, booked, and I pianos will be shipped to points specified, as per terms agreed upon. Yours truly, GEO. M. GUILD. THE GUILD PIANO-MANUFACTURED IN BOSTON FOR NBARLY THIRTY YEARS. Over 25,000 in Use. "V Taken 85 First Premiums. I Noexperiment, no risk in buying a Guild. THEY NEVER FAIL. The improveraents in the Guild are vital. They are in the Very Heart of the Piano. I No slipping, or Bprirjfiing tuning pins. Examine them. None are more honestly made. There is no shoddy about them. People like them and buy ihem. MORE OF THEMSOLD IN ANN ARBOR LAST YEAR THAN ALL OTHERS COMBINED. Elegantly finished in various kinds of wood. See them before you buy. ■wno BTJirs thsixj: -- A partial list of recent purchasers of the New Guild Upright in Ann Arbor and vicinity ■ B J, Conrad, Dr. Carrow, T. J. Keech, Mrs. S. D. Allen, C. E. Godfrey, Wade McCormick, Mrs J. W Hall professor Hempl, C. J. 8hetterle, John Allen, Mayor C. H. Manly, Capt. L. L. Janes, County Clerk S? Brown, Dr. Heller (Saline), Freeman Galpln (Superior), Will F. Stimson, Miss Alice Nelson, !"■ K&chael Cooper, Norman Wood (Lodi), Miss Amelia McLaren, Mrs. W. F. Grifflth (Howell) Mrs. Ellen TutUe, Miss Kimes (Ypsilanti), Rey. A. F. Bourns, M. J. Noyes (Chelsea,. All within the past few months. They are purchased by flret-class people wanting first-class pianos. N. B.- The pianos and the prices please the people, and they buy the Guild. Extracta from a few of the many testimoniáis received by Mr. Guild, during the last two yearswhiüiS?' Tu?in?,ind Stringing Device is simply perfect, and is the only inyention I ever saw by walch the graduations of the wire are not injured in stringing and tuning.'' " The improved method of faatening and tfghtening strines in the Guild Pianos appeali at once to " With yonr method of stringing and tuning any musician can correct a faulty unisón himself ." "The new Guild Piano is thefinest instrument I have ever seen. The Tunine and Strininir DcTlce cannot be beaten." " I am concentraöng everything in the Guild. They are becominc; very popular. Beats anvthine ro my experience. The last beat all yet received, in tone. It is immeW." ""yuuns " Seeing Is believing. Your Tuning Device is away ahead of them all." " Your patent gets away with them all." 1?. you have the insid ta" on Upright Planos. Your tmprovements put your pianos ahead of all other makes. My customers looked at a Knabe, but did not líke it near uweñ." p uiBla inish616 " n USe iQ talkingl thete U n0 piano thllt cn me up to " eithcr for tole or outside " To say we are pleased with the piano would not be even justice. We think it splendid, and the " There is no use talking, the new Guild is the best telling piano in the market." fine' m reaÜJ P'-eased wlth my Piano, and am ready to recommend it to everybody who wants a "The uew method of Stringing and Tuning is one of the greatest improvements in piano making." No other piano has it. It is simply perfection ltself." " When we Bay they are the best pianos to buy, we can prove our statements word for word." "The device is simple, and will last a hundred years. It commends itself to all who examine it." handled1"8 ttm greatly mUtaken' this Pian0 comes nearer selling itself than any piano I ever " It did not take me five minutes to decide the merlts of the new piano. I am extremelv nlnaspd Bi the whole arrangement." F "Iconsider the Guild method of luning the nearest perfection of any I have ever êeen Ihav Mten wondered why some method was not devised to tune the piano without turnina thr nini inthr Wn-iiocfe. Guild hastheright idea. The piano muet stay in tune and will certainly weaïtonger ' Muskegok, Michigan, August 9, 1890. G RENWICK. Mr. Guild is one of the most expert and practical manufacturera in this country. EN IN HIS EMPLOY TO-DAY WHO HAVE BEEN WITH HIM YEARS. . After having handled'800 Guild Planos, the great muiic 8rm of Oliver Ditson & Ca nv.nmmor.,1 tem as being in EVERY RESPECT RELI ABLE AND SATISFACTTORY." See them. tecommeDd State Agent, 25 South Fourth Avenue, Arm Arbor, Mich. MAOHmvDe ?d a!0n.ll-had, Kanos and Organs, and the matchless STANDARD 'SEWING alhine. Guitars, BaDjos, all kinds of musical merchandise, strlngs, etc. ' onnijjiu e'ë CmcHESTcirs EN6USH, Reo Cnoss Xfrk Diamond Brand A rtHHRoii riis A


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