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Nckinley Prices On Doughnuts

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VJhilal was in Spo&ane Falla the MoKinlBybfll "sfcrack the woodpüe." A man"who for years had brought wood down from the monntains at the anaal pnce-of $i a cord annoanced one morning:that the price had riaen to$5. When asked why, he answered, "Well, yoa knpw everyttring is gone up sinoe the MJrKinttey hilL" Bat a few days later his sales feil off and he was glad torge&badrto'the old prico of $-t a corid. ■W&lsl was at Tacoma a düapidated spocamen of httmanity, who had evidéntly been on an all night debsoch, staggered ono morning at daybreak into a low restaurant which rnns ajl day and night. He called for caffee-and doaghirats. From the time when a dronken man's memory ronneth oot-to the-contrary foor doughnuts had constitated a portian. Bnt this time the waiter appeared with a cup of coffiee and thxee dooghnnts. "What doyoa.mean by bringing me only threo doughuuts?" exclaimed the surprised cnstomer. "Wby, sir," stammered the waitor, "yoniseemce.Üie McKin" Up sprang the izate customer, and seizmg the waiter by tho collar exdaimed oath: "Boy, if yott uoderbiiB to wmrfrthat air racket onto me PU kaock ypnr two eyes into one. Bring me that oöier domthnnt."


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