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[Cabio Dispateu from Frco-trade England-] Londos, Jan. 10. Yeeterday afternoon 200 t&ttered, hunger pmcked men marched akmg the Tharoes embankment; but their Htomachs wero too empty for fight. This afternoon thcru havc beenücores of meetings of tho unemployed. Flags and revolutionary cmblems were plenty, aml irh mfting gatínred round a baimer bearing this inscrtption,"Wodemand thc right lo labor, and don't intend tontarre." The distnss in same provincial towns i a hMlto be greaít-r than in Tniinn Al NeWcastlc-on-Tyne t h e r e ore said to be "fonr htw of underground dwdlmfcs with dripping wet waJls, places into which tho light uaper comes except wben filtned thraogb a áaií médium," in wfeich live workinBnwn and their familiw. [Cable Disputen f rom iroteeted.Rranoe.] l'AIUÜ. XiB. 10. The seenee abont Uic ministry of finalice iii Paris yEÉrterdymoming were vBrycnrkius. Sutscriptiofl8-were to be receiwd at the opening of the offices íor tbe loen of - same $lKUmau offered hy toe gosemment. Bcfiin: ility licht llncrowd oí ijplinanto bogan to gatbár. They wcre o f all .classes, f rom the crrrVTTW'1istVa-nl_tothe viarkincn in blousnazid tfat' vorkvomen with bnziers hosd in tnoir arma to keep theen warm. 'Pbe InckttMit tcluwahimee a to ChrHiroccJrarwtiT ïsiics of tlte FmiBh pcopte thcir patiënt and untnineiwinBtry. tiir eqosHy patiënt anti' Belf ' dèornseoanomy and tbcfcf rnnlidenoe in taerr guument-


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