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A correspondent in Tecomseh asks: 1. How mnch (wbatper ceni--of.'e!ery VítmI of farm prodace do we export? 2. How do the free liste in the Müfc . and HcKiniéy biSsampare? 3. HEownracfa farm prodnce-do we import? 1. Ahoat íapercent. of all kinds of Agricultxiral prodnce. Soooifitíiin over 6 per cent. exchtsire of oottcm, and nbout 5 per ceiot. ezrinsive of ootton and tobáceo. 2. The Mtn till made a rednction in revenue - arm tariff taxaüon, asFiKMaaders pntü- otatoontÜ32T000,00Wy aAfitfcms to the fiee üst. The McKinloy bill makBS a rednetian of aijottt $5OvOOOXX) by enbuging he free Ii8t 3. About $300,000,000. Giveus direct and traasportatáon:facüities under the flag aml oontrolled by A morirán (átizenB, a cmiency eound in qnaiity and. adequate in qoantóiy, an international bank to facilítate eschaages, ind a system of recipEOcity carefnlly adjnEted witínn the üüeb of Protection, and notonly vrill oor foreign commerce again insade evxny sea,, bnt every Americanindostry ■will be qnickEoed andour wbole people feel the, impulse of a new aiuiicnduIiB}; proqpcrity.- Last Wotös of "Secretatry Windom. I'ilward Atkinsoa, one of the ablctt statisticians in the United. Siste, wbose iacts are atwaysjn the sido of,'Protoctitm,,aithongh in bis dreams he pocaIgianally smües tipan.EtBotgidB, depiaraï! tixst 'the prioes of gnods " tawse ."ackt-taaroed, while wagw aro'-now-at beííáSfa BK


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