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Strange If True. A Chicago editor is the father of twenty ceven children and he is often crowdi'd for 8 pace. Beat Renult. Every ingrediënt employed in producing Hood's Sarsaparilla is pure, and isihe best of itw kind ït ie pos-ible to Imy. All the mots and herbs ure irefuliy fcelected, personally examined, and only the best retained. 80 ibat iroiii tune of the parchase until HootlVSarrhpturtlla is prep;red, everything is carefully Wütcbed with view to attain the t , ;- 1 result. Why don't you try it? 1 h li Ik a Mecfaauical Affe. Mrs. Brown (at Mrs. Smith's tea)- Oh cit-ar, thatii.eadfulMissSmith is singina agaiu. I wonder what Btartd her. Toni Brown (aged seven.) - I dropped a penny down her back when i-he waen't uokinï. - London Tid-Bits. 11.. Often We ee soiue young man who ha8 quaudered his money and ruined his health by excesseB, aml before 30 year of age is an all broken down and played out man ! In all such cases I prescribe nature' tonic and nervine, Sulphur Bitters. They supply food for the brain, strenj{then the nerves, andaré successful In nine cases out often.- Uld Physician. 2 Words Kol Ikeeds. Fair Client- And is this what you cali a deed? Keal Estáte Lawyer- Yes. Why? Fair Client- It looks more like words. I cheer, I help, I strengthen, I aid, I gladden the hean of man and maid, I set constipation's captive free, And all are better for taking me. Thus spoke one of ])r. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. (They are pills that speak for themselves.) Very small, very nice to take, produce no nausea or griping, yet are the most effectual in all cases of constipation, bilious or sick headache, or deranged liver. Only 25 cents a vial, atdroggists. A perfect vest-pocket medicine. Wisti He fiad Done So. Andrew Carnegie says as a youth be had an ambition to become a reporter and subsequently an editor. There are innumerable reporters and editors who would be willing to swap fortunes with Mr. Carnegie if he etill wishes to gratify liis early ambition. What Was It, Jolin, That made your face so clearand free from pimples, said hissweetheart. Why, don't you know, Eva? For over a year I took everything I could think of without helpiug me, then I bought two bottles of Sulphur Bitters, and now I haven'c one pimple on my face. It is the best blood cleanser I ever saw. 2 Ho TelllnK Wbat May Happen. There is no telling what may happen in 1892, but there can be no doubt that James G. Blaine is a very popular man today. - Peoría Transcript. I.adlis Try Great French Kemedy. Dr. Le Duc's Periodical Pilis from Paris, France, act only upon the generative organs in fe males, and positively cure suppression of the mensus (from whatever cause) and all periodical troubles peculiar to women. Established in Europe, 1839; England, 1850. Canada, 1878; United States, 1887. A safe, reliable remedy, warranted to excite menstruatation, or money refunded. The larger portion of the ills to which ladies are subject is the direct result of a disoidered and irregular menstruatation. The American Pili Co., proprietors. Pprice, $2. Sold by Eberbach & Son, druggists, Ann Arbor. Micb. 0 A ml IILín roivinir All Ibe Time. The McKinley billdid notraise prices so much as it raised the people's good opinión of Major McKinley. - Sornervilie Journal. THE MEHLIN PIANO] Very Highest Grade. - ALLMENDINGER PIANO AND ORGAN CO., S i General Agenta. S jTheMehlinPianoï & Merits Examination. ï ) ALLMENDINGER PIANO AND ORGAN CO ) General Agente. f MiiiitinniiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiH'iiiimniMiiimimiiiiiiHiiiiiiiihiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiittiitiiiK'iiniiNi -THE MEHLIN PIANOI Prices Reasonable. Quality Highe6t. i ALLMENDINGER PIANO AND ORGAN Co., General Agenta. iiitmiimiiiiiiii!(tiiiuiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiittiiiiiii!iatiiiitiin:::iiiiiihiiiiNiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;'] rThe Mehlin Pianol EVERY KNOWtT IMPJtOVEtlEtlT. V . . ALLMENDINGEK PIANO AND ORGAN C'0-, ■ General Ayents. M000OOO0OOOOO0OO(XXXXXIO(Xjuuuu'jwuuuuuuuuuuouUOUOOjK %-THE MEHL1N PIANO.- % g ALLMENDINGER PIANO & ORGAN CO., Gen. WJwleaale and Retail Agentst Ann Arbor, Micii. fkjOOOOOOOOOOOOOO .000000' 0000000000000000000000000 LINCK IS THE NAME OF THAT ■■ Wonderful Remedy That Cures CATARRH, HAY-FEVER, COLD ig the HEAD, SORE THROAT, CANKER, and BRONCHITIS. Prtc 810. Hnt Botue For Sale by leading Druggists. ÏBErABED OS1T BI Klinck Catarrh & Bronchia! Remedy Co. O2 JACKSON ST.. CHICAGO, ILL.


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