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OUR 25 CENT COLUMN, AdveitiEements, such as To Rent, For Sale, and Wants, not exceeding three lines, can be Inserted three weeks for 2S rent. VITA JíVeo- General State Agent to open headT quartersín some principal city, aseume exclusive control of our business and appcint local and sub agcuts in every city in this state; goods i universal demaud, and pav a net profit ot 50 to 100 per cent. Address The Union Company, 744 Broadway, New Yoik. 53 IX7AVTSD- Tbne roomB, warmedTind unTT furnianed. 26 Madison-st. 54 WAMTED-To Sell or Exchange for Real Estate, one of the best paylng Manufacturing concerns in Ann Arbor. Address, at once, Bargain, care Register, Anu Arbor. 53 WA Si TEM- By a Lady of good cu&racter, a position as Housekeeper in Private Family or Society House. Inquire at No. 40 East Universlty-ave. 53 Young Man or Woman, forik-ht Office Work. Apply at 21 S. Main-st, 5Ctf WASIfüU-A second-hand Carriage, iu good coudition. Must bc cheap. Addrass p. o box 1484. 50 WAï'KW-S2,2Wrförfi"veyears, on uñiiicürñ bered 180 acre farm, interest payabie annu ally. For particulars apply to Laverne Bassett Attorney at Law. Aun Arbor, Mich. 52 WANTKD- A Young Lady, about fifteen or sixteen, to do two or three hours light house work cach day, and spend balance of time at office work. But a low salary will be given to begin with. A permanent position, with nothlne but office work, is gaaranteed to the right plrson as toon as thoroughly competent. For full particulars, cali at tho oflice of The Rkgistes. L3 FOK SAI.E. IriOK SAI.E- Brown Carriage Horse, sound, seven years old. excellent roadster- weight 1,100, at 4 Korest ave. 62tf lfiK SAI-;-'l''Je Sute-st Feeil Store, Coal and JP Wood Yard. If not sold will be for reut 54 .1. I'. JPEBO. Ij'OK S1I.K- A very good Gaeoline Stove. Inr quire at 12 N. Thayer-st. 54 lB !aLk- At a SacriHce- BrTckand Tile 1 yard, at junction of T. & A. and VVabash R R Address Mrs. F. A. BLTHM, Milan. Jlich. 57 FOK NAI.K- House and Two Loto lor sale at about price of lots. Long time given f desired. L J. T. Jacobs. iOR SAtK-eed Potatoes.' overeo varieties; I best Early and Late. H C. Markham, 54 W est end Madison-st, Ann Albor, Mich. FK KAI.E- A good Koad Out, cheap726 Madison-n. 54 L1()K AlargeUouse. Apply at ;23North V State-et. H. Morse. 55 FOK SAI.E- Öld-7ashioned Sola. Innn'ire at 51 S. Thayert. 53 LOK MAI.K- A new milch Cow, onefourth r mile north of Delhi Mills. W. W. Tdhbs. 53 LOK NAl,li- Averygood, second-hand, open A Doublé Buggy, for sale eheap for cash. The gearing is suitable for Hght spring wagon box. Inquire at this office. 58 IOB SALE- The Horse, Buggy and Haruess fonnerly owued by Mrs, 8. 8. Cowles. 12 room house, No. 53 North-st. Six room house, No. 63 Millerave. Ihee two propertles are offered cheap to close an etate. Apply to Moorb & Tabee. 49tf FOB SALE- Evergreens, for hedge and omamental purposes. Also Kim, Maple, Linden, Horse Chestnut and Catalpa for ehade trees ■ ABpa' ragus and Small Fruit Piants; Grapevines, Fruit I rees ; a large aasortment of Flowerineghruls and Wecping Trees, all of the leading kindi to beautify the home. J. H. Allmand, w. Huron-st. 52 LfÓB SA K- Würiiave an Ixtrr flnelöTof X Peach Trees, and of the most profitable varieties, to offer this spring, Also Apple, Pear. Cherry and Plum Trees, Grape Vines, and all of the Smal i Fruit Plants ; Evergreen trees and other ornamental trees. Residence and Nureery, No, 73 Springt,_on topjf hlll. Jacob Ganzhorn. 49tT FOB NA1.K- A email Farm, two and oneïaïf miles from Ann Arbor. Address Farm this office. 46tf FOB S A I.E- Or Exchange for Anñ Albor City Property- A 8tock of Good, consistin of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoe, Grocerles and Clothing in a good location and an old-established trade For further particular inquire of McC. LkBeau, 25V Lawrence-st. {j FOB A large Safe.Tn good condiüoï. Also a lot of Household Good of all kinds, cheap foreaah. J. 8. Mank. 82 E. Huron-rt. 45tf F'OB SAI.E- Horie, Fhaeton aïïdCuttêr. Inqulre at 36 Williama-st, or at my office, No. 5 N Malmt. J. Q. A. Session. tf ?OR SAL, E- A splendid, well cultivated Farm I of 200 acres, in Western Michigan. Good buildings of all kinds ; also several wells and sprlngs Only ninety miles from Chicago and within two miles of a City of 5,000. The property will be sold for a small amount down and balance on small yearly payments. It is a splendid chance. For particulars inquire at this office. 47tf fob BBirr. FOB BENT- New House, n-itb. large garden, 2i miles from town on Motor line, close to stone schoolhouse- $4 per month. Apply to JanItor High School, Ann Arbor. 54 ÏfOB ItESiT- House andüïj acres land, one mile south of town. 8mall, cholee Orchard. Or will rent House and Orchard alone. 58 Mrs. B. E.Jichou, 41 Madison-tt. i, tR KENT- Farm to rent, milesTrom 8ar lem, for cash or onshares. 200 acres plow land, good barns and plenty of them. Water in barn yards and elsewhere ; fences good. Inquire of A. M. CLtRK.Ann Arbor, or A. F. Clark, baline. 4tf IOK KÜNT-Large House, with furnace and 1 barn, on S-acre lot. Chentes, grapes, quinces, pears, apples, etc, % miles from Campus. Address James 1). DoMCAM, 70 Miller-ave. 54 tpOB BENT- Two Flats, and several suitesof rooms, in the new Sager block, 20 S. State-st. Inquire at 18 8. State. 28tf mis Ki.t. ■:■ s. TO L.ET- 36 acres of first c!ass Land-, on shares or cash, near this city. Also good Pasture for Horses and Cows. Apply to J.S. Mann, 32 Huronst Ann Arbor. 52tf TEN ACBK PI.UWIHIU TO One mlle eaetof city. A. A. Croïiir, box 33. 51 FLOWER, üardeuaud House PlantsTMÏÏü? ave, or Chapin-st Green House, is the place to get Large Stock of Healthy Verbenas, Pansies, etc. Come earlyto get the best piek. 54 Yours respectfully. Jas. TuMS. MBS7E. J. I , Gen. Agt fo7 Madam Guswald's Health Corset and Waist, made to order. Also the Hiélenle Corset and Waist. All orders will receive prompt attention by mail. Addreis 30 South Fifth-ave. THE (IIOKIMÏ of Seêd Barley for Sale at the Central Mills. 48tf ALLMKND1KQER I SCHNEIDIR. JOHN BAUMGARTNER, DEALER IN AMERICAN AND IMPORTED GRANITES, and all kinds of Building Stone! O EM ETER Y VORK .&. SPECIALTT. Corner Detroit and Catherine tt. ANN ARBOR, MICH. USE DR. CRAIGr'S ORIGINAL Kidney and Líver Cure Crown Piasters and Pilis. They are the only Safe Remedies to use for those afflicted with Brfght's Disease, Llver Complaint and Urlnary ABections. Only those prepared in the dry form are the Original and the Only Kidney and Liver Cure that will restore you to perfect health. ALL LADIES USE C. B. R, A SOLD BY ALL DRDGGISTS. The Craig Medicine Gc„ passaic, isr. j. 150 DOSES ONE DOLLAR. WATCH REPAIRING ALSO Spectacles, Eye Glasses and all kinks of - JE WELR Y NE A TL Y REP A 1RED- EngraTing a Specialty. - A. VA KAMMEN, 32 8. Hiale n. over Sheehan's Kook Store. TELEGRAPHYHSS placed in railwayBeirlce. Beat school of Telegrapny on earth. 100 yoiiuK mea wsntrd now. Send for circular. VALENTINE'8 SCHOOL. 57 Jaueeville, Wis. ARRIVING DAILY! NEW CARPETS! Come and see them. The largest assortment, and the handsomest patterns ever shown in Ann Arbor. NEW FÜRNITURE! Modern designs in Old English; Antique, and XVI Century finish. Chamber Suits, Parlor Furniture, Library Furniture, ])in room Furniture, Funiture of Every Description. A good Folding Bed for 811.50. We will Guarantee our Prices to be tb e very Lowest in Washtenaw County, Quality taken into consideración. Spkcial Bargains in a complete line of Lace Curtains and Heavy Draperies. KOCH & HENNE. 36 58 Maln-ül. Ann Arbor.


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