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Hamburg bitt two saloon. Chicken Ibievi-H arecouriug ('helsea. Dexter exii-r; i i have aiiother meat mark et. Dr. Bu-b. of ('Ii.'Im'.i, removed to fackson. Four Baloonkeeprw will "jags" at Cueli A. "clip" social will begivenai Dexter tomorrow eveninir. A lodgeof the Kitight ot Pythias riil be instituted in 8 ilem. Now, chappie, gej "íh hai rut.- Manchester EnterprUe. Connterfeiters have créate) a urt-nt oeneatitin at New Hathon, A pile bridge for Llie Lake 8h re i isbeiii' buili ui MancheBtr. Luther Plmr. of Dei etrawberry planti one ily last wek. Tüe Friend, of Willis, have decided to bire h wbil", instead "f ■■ eolod, preacher. The sparrows are baildiog tbeir n aiin;Johnie,getyourgun.- Mancl i Enterprise. Saiart alecke lore down tle SilineU'uBerver'ssigD one night last wee-k. Ed tor Warren is bot, The postofflce al Worlen bas been removed from the abandoued depot to Mie score of J. T. Berry. The ProhibitioniBts of Augusta are to iiold hm all day maai meeting or gi meeting in tlie early pari of June. Bnakefl are iaid to be ve'ry plentifol throughout the c mnty. We fear that, the e 10 l!ame fur tliis. "Unclc" A!e Vac derpool and wife, of Willh ily eizbty-tbree and ninetv yeara of age. Tliey live guietly andaré n ihe be.--i of health. l'here w.h talk last weck Ihal Dexter was to have a bottling worke, but wliat tlicy ere to bottle, (nnl was gas), we rere nnable certain. l.eadcr. Tlie foll luate from Ihe Chelscn higfa May 15: Mary Miller, Herberl Dancer, M -v 'Ju Ameli.; Nenberger, Walter Wooda aud Ransom Armstrong. The W. C.T.U. of Chelsea hi the follow :Li offia lent. -Mis. D. II. lloag; vice president, Miss Lihbie Taylor; seoretary. Miaa Olive Conklinji treasurer, Mrs. ,T. Everett. J.A.Fow'ierÍBagproudofanegg weighing four oiinciíí and measuring eight by six and one-eighth nChes, is if be had laid il. II is hen i a PIymonth Bock ;nr] ihe egs a giant -Ypsilanti Sentinel. tarmei Ahorecently nquired the valne of green 'cis as a pasture erop showed wisdom. It is an nnaccountable ♦hing that. peas ?re f-o litt.le used for pasture. They are good for all kinds of stock. - Manchester Enterprise. Two yoiithful priso I respectively two and four years, have .been in;i with the hlierifl' of Livingston uounty. Their fat her and mother separated and it i.s supposed tbat the former bad abducted t hem. The were found uciir Hovreli. Tho.-. 1! i ke! ablo addition ch nr. i'hanl ly puttir.r pfing 1,550 peach tre-s and liiO pear trees. Mr. Birkett thinks. the. prospecta al pr for a large fruit yleld are un usual ly ood. Deiter Leader. One of the most cómica'; sightsbeheld of late rat R youni lady óf onr village with lier bands in the wasb-tub, Bcrubfoing away and singing, Nearer my God to thee. - Manchester Enterprise. What isthere funny about dat: is not cleanliness next to godljne Che Soatbern Wasbtenaw farm club meets tomorrow aiternoon at tlie residence of Frank 8 paford. The program consiíts of press clippings, by Miss Mary Hitchcock, essays by Mrs. II. ('. Calhonn Knd V. E. Pease, election of officers and qaesüon box. A prominent fruit grower calis attention to the well known factthatthe time to spray fruit trees is after the blossom I not when the trees are in full ..-,i. lu this way the spray falls drectly upon the frnit germs and not upon the petals of the flower too. í'iielsea, bighly moral Chelsea, is to tiave anolher saloon. - Dexter Leader. We are thankful ttiat it is not anotber saloon, bat simply one to lake the place of one whioh goes out of commisMon. As to morality Standard. You sbould not run down your own town, brotber Emmert. rhe ropnblican policy hrings sbekels to the imckt'ts of freetraderd and protectionints alikc Here's Robert Martin, of Superior, who sold, :i few dayssince, ■sovn head of fat cattle, each weighing 1000 ll)s., and received lour vmi per pound for (hem. Three cents was ihe price beforo the McKinU y lill rot in il vork.- Ygilaiitian. 3"l.. llub is one of Hamburg'e prides. The first by-law of the orüanizü'tion isa.5 foliows: " It shiill bethedtity of ca:h memher to tii on dry oods boxes and 6teps before the different places of business and talk about their neighbors and everybody passing by, to squirt tnbacco jnice on the steps and Interfere wïth business men that are trying to sake a sale and bast it up if poisible." Again we credit anotber old Saline ioy who has gone west and made a succoí-s of il. Oor old friend and schoolmaster, l'. A. Hayne?, better known to many as i i?r. baving for several years bn-n asBociated with ihe iSvansville Mere intile association at J'rooklyn, Wlacona n, . %ias now pulled stakos aiid set out lor bioisc'.f, and he and iiis brother-in-law, Mr. Baldwia, bave opened ap a new stock of merchandise at ihat place. Saline l 'hserver. The Chelsea Standard wants lts huIacriler.s to helieve the following: "In April, 1878, Ira Glover, wbile plowing, ran across a small land tuille, andjust fot fun carVed his back with a cross, hia 'Is, and the date. and then set him iree. Two woeks ago, while passing through a pieceof woods.but a few rods frointhe place where he found the turtle in '78, he saw a full grown land turtle, and when within a few feet, saw the marks on his back. He remembered the circumstances.caught t"ne turtle and took it home.'


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