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Mauy will remembeï that one of the heroie Bgiitea in the tragedies of the blizzard that swept from Dakuta to New York ín January, 1988, was 1 Nebrask:i sel : teacher named Miss Ioie M. Eoyce. She It was who gathered uj) the only three childrcti wh came to .sein b bad days' and sta: Dearest house. 'J'wo of them (roze in her arma and were so foiini v nu the party was discoveredi wliik' the1 ■.iy to die. The brave ffirl's ovra loss was that of her two ieet, ampntatlon lx-iusr nccessarv. Her subsequent experiences, howei %i. were al happier hue. Gifts, letters, pffers oí mai ld congratnlations ppured in upon her she spent some time I alifornia, and finally she was married to (liarles s. Thomas, of 1!:' I SUICIDZ OF A WIDOW. A Woman t ! u iit I.lfv Beeatuc lier Betrothed Tires of Her. Wrs. Kuth Ann McCreedy, of Lansing1. a i -il -lii ycars and the mother of ch t fall become infattiated with George Ford, a fruit-ti-i" her junior, 'i "■ lord increased as theiraequaintance extended, and he apparentlj bed lier affection I They linaliy became en d were to have been married. Lately, however, Ford's ardo' I and he tired ol his fiancpo. Tliis so a fecl sd Mrs. McCreedy that she toofe her Ufe with poison. . 'd to Mayor Jo ■■■■ hich she statedthat she was dyir ed him te take charge of bi and concluded by saying: '"George I'ord is the cause of ïny deal h." Two :■ ..i rl Külatl. Mi' and ! dwjrd 131ack burn. two in jail at Monroe awaiting I - oí burglary, made a ipi to escape. When Tnrnkey Tedder went into the corridor'i e eoniinod he was seizi i i, who tried to secure I a. In the strng o n pon the floor, bul dia releasing his arm an5 n i bis assailanís ; :)on them, lirin rn in1 Dennis. !.'■ béalth bj parts v ended April i is, dysen: iieria, typhoid f ' tei er increa and inflamn the l'rafh, ro spinalmeni a rea of preralei portod. al a1 thirtytwo, ■ '■ measlee ;;t forty-flve plací i. nutaln of t , . ■; Fire. A :'.aininp '. Irnii. meer furnace i boughunder a4month. The chareoal to the Pioneei Fura ace l , -:n)OC anil was insun I 0 i. Rhorl hul n, The ; ba La the largest in the ■ Th. i VVoman's Press ossoeiation will hold [ts annual meeting at Battle Creek Jnne 9, 10 aml il. The Mn have organized ;i bar h Hon. 'l'homas L. Keating ü-, president A nou baske! factory is to be started at Qobleville svith a ce of men. Abo i piled in the yards of D. Wri-lit & Co., at West Braneh. wt'i' burned. The Grand Kapitls Streel Railway Gompany ' h contract that calla for $18 electri al equlpment Marlt Pepln's house and saloon at L'Ansr burned with a loss of (4,000; lnsurod for - Rev. .1. A. Ranuey, ;if Kajamazoo, and Mrs. P. . Stewart, of Bloomington, 111., were married. ïhe room is k-j ;mii tii , ol age. on the new public building at J!;iy City hai oi The Calumet & Hoela paj roUis$800,000 each month. It is the hu-g-estin the copper couni ry. Charles i:. Xan. ■..■■ -,t ;■; yeara, and a Lansing clt) i our years, was found 'I' .ui i'i !■!'(!. The nevt Presbyteriau churoh in By i! will the 1 ediflee of the kind ':;i '."- ■■ ! . haring a surfaee measurement oi 95 bj 188 feet i i res! ftrea lo Clare and Glad.wip eonntiet caueed a lo ' over #125,000. E re ir the -.' .'.- bou b ol the l'ioneer Eurnace a1 Negaunee Ustroyed 1 WOrth OÍ iv ■[rl v. ,n Johnson was killed at Reed (in bj beinc struck by a pi. of an wheei nrhicfa had b Grover Buell's house in t'huboygan vn burned with a loss of "-'. "i00: insured for aboul hal f. The Grand Kapids officers fuuud a 11-year-old boy drunk on the Street. Fourteen women attended the meeting of N.irih tluskegon council to prevemt the aWermen brom Ksmng licensesfoi quor. but the licenses were granted. There has been e i it oí hors stcaling in Alpena eountj and sherifE McLaughlin laid, a trap nrhich resulted in tbe landing of John lauae, i Pole. An iul'ant daughter oí J. B. llanta, of HToodland. was playing aboat thewell ourb wh.n ii feil in nu.! ua-. drowned before help could reaeh it The Michigan Central -latiim ag-ent at Charlotte v:i bound nd gagged by robbers, who eracked the Kafe and Mcuvert 5U. Herbert Tyon, ; years old, atn-mpted to jump '.n h tnoving freight train in the Mii'iiisrm l'eutral yard al Ivalarnazoo. f.'. iinder the movlng wheels and both ■ ■ ■ iv -m off.


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