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LATOSO, Mloh., April 89- The sonate yes lerday pwsed a bill for the purcha-e or eondemnation of the purahase of plaak toll roads by electric or street railway eompaiües, and in committ'ïe or the wholc agreed to the patrons of lndustry congressional WH; alsoabtll regulatinst the practico of cmbalming dead bodies, anda Wil appronnatinjj Só.000 for the purchase of b 'Oks for the state library. I.Axsi.M.. Mich., April 80. -Tiin bil! providing for the election of presidentiul electors by congp rtriotB, with uro delegatesftt large, one from the eastern, the other fi-oin the i the senate ycsterday. It ha.s ulr.' ■ 1 '-nate also pa-si-ii the oonjrressional apportlonment bill which, as ealculated, will üive Beven of the twelve dlstrlots in iiin democ Lansixc, Mich., May 1.- The senate yesterdayp: roteo! 1H to 13 the biil to divide i i'-1 representative districts. This mensure and that providing for the choice oí pr retors by congressional dis trióte haring passed both turases now go to the goveraor ioi appioval. The senate also passed the Bastone seBeral clection bill, an almo&t exact copy cf tbe Indiana law. The com;n üiining school at Hough.toa Bubmltted ;i report warmly commendins; the work of that institution and recon)mcnding a bill appropriatlng 8118,397 fr improvements. 1umerous petitious wore received from the opper península for the retentlon of the present law prohlbitiDg tbe killing of deer in that soction except betwecn September 25 and November 15 of caoh y. ar. Lansinc. Mich., May 2.- The senate yesterday passcii l;ilis the board of state auditors to adjnst the claim of ex-Gov. Begole, amountin? to $1,000, for expenses incurred in an UI t-uit to remove a memoer of the board of control of onc of the state institutions; setting apart Warner fsland, in Wild Fowl boy, as a public shootinj? ground; to prevent fraudulent entries ai spe s. A resolution was unanimously adopted indorsing the ciïort of the United States senate committee now in seasion at Detroit to secure closer commercial relations with Canada. Adjourned tothe4th. HOÜSI. LAB8IKO, Mich., April 29.- The house yesterday passed the C'urpentcr bill prohibiting railroad compnnies from aba&donllig lines and taking up the tracks without paylng to the subscribers auy bonus thcy ruay have reoelved and restor 'onors the litle to any right of way. The Cook bill for a consolidation of the boards of control of the state, public and blind schools and the deaf institute, wa3 passed by a vote of 59 to :ïi. LAK8ING, Mioh., April 30.- The house yesterday)-;' Btcbanbon bill, which brings all the special charter railroads of the state under the general law for taxation purposes Y a vote of 85 to 4. It is claimed by the author that it will bring into the state treasury the, additional sum o( fiOO.ÜOO. IiáJSIMG, Mich., May 1.- The house yesterdav defeated the biH to ostablish capital punishment for the crime of murder - yeas, 44; nays, 4 1. The house committeo of the whole agreed to the bill which gives ÏHU.OOÜ to the grand arm; tiu unpment to be held at Detroit nextAusust. The bill providing for the creation of the offler of commissioner of toll roads and brides at a salary of $1,000 a year was passed, also the bill eonsolidatlng the cities of Au Sauble and Oscoda under the former name. Lan.sinc. Mich., May 2.- The house yesterc'.;iy passed the bill allowing hotelkeepers to seU tlie baggage of guests who leave without paylng their bilis. A resolution was unanimously adopted indorsing the effort of the United Si ales senate committee to secure oloser commercial relations with Cunada. AdJonrned to the 4th.


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