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Rudini's Mistake

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HJ.AIXK AXD IHTDIXI. Washington, May 5. - The following dispaU'li ivas cnt by Secretary lSlaine Monday: "Dei'ahtmf.nt or State, Washington 4, 1891. - Porter. American Minister, Home: A series of statements addressed to the Marquis Imperiali by the Marquis KiKlini wa.3 telegraphed froui Rome yesterday and was publi.shed by ths press of the United States to-day. Tlie only purt of the rfárquis Kudini's communlcatton wbioh tois governmcnt desiresto notice is the one here quoted- namely : " 'I ! : ore me a note addressed to you by Secretar; Blaine April 14. lts perusal produces a most painful impressiun upon me. I wil! nol stop ti) lay stress upou the lack of conformity with diplomatic osagea displayed in m&kwg . Blalne did not hesitate tu do, of a pórtion of a telegram of mine communloated to him in strict contidence i? order to gct rid of a question clearly delined in our official docum nts, ivhich nlone possesses diplomatic valne.' "The telegram of March 14, concerning whose public use the Marquis Kudini complains, is the following, which was quoted in full in my note of April M to Marquis Impeviali, charge of Italy, at this capital : "'K', March 24. - Italian minister. Washington: Our requests to the federal government are simple. Some Italian subjects acquitted ';y the American magistrates have been murdored in prison while under the immediate protection of the authorities. Our rjght thcrefore to demand and obtain the punishment of the murderers and an indemnity for the victima is unquestionable. I wish to add that the public opinión in Italy iï justly impatient, and if concrete provislons were not at once taken I should lind myself in the pa.aíul necessity oí showing openly our dlssatlafactton by reoalling the minister of his ma]t sty from a country where he is unable to obtuin justiceKudini.' "The intimation of the Uarquia Kudini that the telegram in yuestion was delivered in Btrlot oonfldenoa Is a total error. As the telegram expressed the demand of the Italian governineut it was impossible that Marquis Kudini could transmit it in strict confldence. As I liave already stated, il was commuaicated to me in person by Baron Fava, written in English in hls own handwriting, without ;i BUggestlon of privacy, and the telegram itselí has not a sing'.e marlt upon It denoting a conüdential character. I have i: copies of the telegram to be forwarded to you in fac simile. The usual mark fur italic printing was made by me under four lines and they appoar in the copies. You will uso the fac si i n nianner as will most ;rectually prove tb1 error into which the


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