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Military And Mob

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FoüMlES, b'rance, May %. - There was abl' on hi'ii last night betwcen miaers and the pólice, in which sevoii pc"! i killed and twelve wounded. Paris, . mob threatened the pólice station at Clichy and a pitched battle ensued in whieb Eour policemen yrere wounded and all ivill probibly die. Rome, ia, ■. Maj daj wasadjayof i-iot and bloodshed in Rome. Several conflict. t;n)l; p con workmen led by anarchiste and the uithorities. Two mei illed outright and a munber were hurt, among who'.ri wi . the anarchist leader. Flo] !ay 8.- The pólice oí 1 i" i mob oí 1,000 workuien, who fl'ed, hut broke all tlic store Windows on the routes of their flifht. Lomuon, May 'l. - There ivas not a sign i'r Laboi ;!:iy here, and dispatches reoeived here frocn all over the contineill .iv as COUld bo exp:. late that everythni. t, most of the workmen goíng i r occupatlons as usual. The Hu ."■nvernment f orbade al] de a n ations and processions and I lantly enforced the on


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