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A Radical Platform

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Cincin'nati. May 4.- bulletin for the i'dinhijí National unión conference to be held in this city on May 19 was published Frtday. The principal features oí t uro as follows: Advoeaey of the abolition of uatioaal bank eurrency and the substitution of legal tender notes; a den ooinageof silver; an issue of fractiona jovernment ownership of iih : oi transportación anti i-ommunication: tl on ot imtnigration; the abolition oi coaviot labor; eciual pny for cqual of sex; tho estan lishment or government dapositoriea wherc money may be loaned to the peoie; the prohibitionof aliun own-.'r-jhip; u gradnated land tax; the im;iosi:if; of an income tax; the prohibitionoi deliDg in futuros in aricultural and raechanical product; the gi vernment control of patont monopolies; reopa ñng of the ttrrears act and the egualizatlon of the differenee In th pay of soldien and sailors in I '.': eleotion of senators ■Ddponmasters; the taking awayot tue veto power of conpress on superio ■ tQ that of the president; ireo leeoh, fliools, books, and, f necessary, clothea and educaUon for lsAlgent chlldrea, and municipal ownershlp of pas, electric light, i i sta


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