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The Ann Arbor Savings Bank

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Organized 1860, un. Ier the Gknerai Banking Law of tbia State Capital, $50,000, Surplus, VU. Total kets, $551,186, Business Men, üuardians, Trustees. Ladies anU otiier persons wil! tind tbis Bank a Safe and Convenient Place at which to rcake Deposite and do üusinss. INTEREST IS ALLOWBD OK ALL SAVINGS DEPOSITO ' of $1 OQ and upwards, acccrding to the rules of the bank, and interest oonapounded semi-anuually. Money to Loan n Sums of $25 to $5,000. SECÜBKD BY l'NINCUMBEKKD KEAL ESTÁTE AND OTHKK OOOD 9ECT1RITIB DIREOTORS : - Ohristian Mack, W. W. Wines, W. . Harriman, William Deuble, David Rinsey, Daniel Hlscock, W. B. Smith and L Gruner. OFFIOERS : - Christian MaU President; W. D. Harriman, VicoPresident ; O. E. Hiscock, Cashier. Report of the Condition of the Ann Arbor Savings Bank Al Ann Albor, Michigan, at the close of business, July IS, 18. RfiSOURCES. I UABILITIKS. Loansaud Dcountg 1344,369 24 CapltalStock paid in i sojXiOOí Stook,, bondend mortgage etc Mó.234 ËgSSBfögBZZZZZZZZZZ WS Overdrall. Mm 'b Dividends uiipaid 6-i 00 Due from banks In reserve cities 9S.791 09 Commercial deposite 154,946 2 Due from School District No. 1, A. A.... 3 827 49 tLgfcs2SSÈE=:Z m ÏÏ BilLs iu traniit. .35S 30 tVrtliluad-sof deposit 19,858 03 Furnlture and flxturcs 1,930 85 Current expeiues and taxes paid 115 64 gTATE of. Mlcm(.ANi Cül.NTÏ „, WASHTdw. sa. S?.níSna41!,tiE18 90 84 l.'HAs.K.HiscocK,CashieroftheaboTenmed Nicjels and pemiles 150000O Bank, do solemuly swear toat the above itateL"?Ia i'mnn ment thn best of ray knowledseand u'ïdNiiiönaïBanknöics:::::.:::::: h.sïöó ww. chas. e uiscook. aiW. Correct- Akthl: Christia Mack, Diï:i J 736,128 54 8SY, Wm D. Hakriman, DmctOCT, SuUèCribed and sworn to r:oio me. Ha 24tl! day of May 1890. HENKY J. MANN, Notary Piiblk


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