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The opinión of ninety-seven bishopb concerning the opening of the World' Fair on Sunday are published in the Independent. Tbesechiefpuntors represen: the Roman Catholic, Protestant Episcopal, Methodist Iipiscopal, Metliodisi Episcopal South, United Brethren, Evangelies] Aaaociation, African Methodist Episcopal, African Methodist Episcopa' ZÍOD, Muravian and Reformed Episcopal churches. It is significant -that nearly all these eminent men have spoken clearly and strongly in favor oi maintaining the comuion custom of our country with reference to the .Sabbath day at the Columbian exhibition. We understand tbatat the convention of the inter-collegiate prohibition associalion, held last week in Ypsilanti, a plan was mggested for a college prohibitiün lecture bureau, each college to furnish four or five men who shall be prepared to answer the calis 'f local clubs or olher temperance Bocieties at any lime. We are to have a W. C. T. U. hymrial. Miss Amia Gordon has prepared the book by order oí the national W. C.T. U. and it will be published in B few weeks. It wil] m another link in the chain of white ribbon achievements. The prize of 880 offered by the NatLonal W. C. T. U. for the best essay hya college student on "The Relation of the Temperance Question to Political Econonij'," was awarded to F. S. Dletrich, of Ottawa University, Ottawa, Kansas. Twenty different colleges were represented by the contestante. The eesay raiiking second in merit was bjf a young lady of Swalh more College, Pennsylvania. The Arm y Temperance Association in India minibers 15,851. A Missouri woman write-s: "I have been told of a pieoe of legislation, or ratber two legislative acts, whose juxtaposiüon seems like the delicate irony of fate. On the saine day the Missouri legislatura deieated the bill forbidding the sale of cigarettes to boys, and passed the bill for penning up geese. V'erily, this government seems to beof, by and for the geese, instead of for the boys." I EDITED BJ1 UNIVERSITY PROItlBITION CLUB. f ïhere are tliirty-eiglit licensed saloons in Ann Arbor. By actual inyestigation sixteen saloons, out of eighteen visited. were found open on a recent Sunday night. High ücense regúlate?, etc. ote. Ann Arbor citizena last year dug the graves and filledthem with the soulleES fcodies of two hnndred ditinkards. Proniethe'is chained to the rock was nol more impotent than these men chained to the habit of drink. They are dead, jut the forging of thu chaina goes on. It is well known that many of the students obtain intoxieating' drinkt; jut it has been carefully estimated that at least one-half the University faculty would eign a total tbstincnce pledge, so it Beems highly probable that in a rew years the law will be strictly enrorced. Let U8 as temperance workers give our patronage and influence in favor of hose who have the moral courage in ,he face of present difüculties to stand Irni for the right and good government. AV'e ought not to favor the boycott, but "turn about is fair play," and we should especially favor temperance men as a means of self-protection. Why not have a saloon exliibit at the world's fair? lt does a mammoth business. Many of its manufactured wrecks are riglit here in Ann Arbor. Several hundred are here already in the process of completion. Boys and girls and studente make up its raw materials ror drunkards. A very line assortment of wrecks would adorn the Chicago 'air. Bloats frorn the pólice courte, not from Ann Arbor, however, because the aolice are not iii6trncted to interfere with her saloons; wretches from the ;oor houses, rnaniacs from insano asylams, crimináis from the prisons and murderers from the gallows. Then, to ínake a success of it, there ehould be some saloon fights and murders in cold blood, drunken husbands reeling home to break the furniture, beat their wives and kick their children out of doors. Several sights of delirium tremensjust to touch up the scène for panoramic effect, and one or two processious of feverp, scrofula, and consumption for relief. Two or three touches of Debt, Disgrace, Despair and Death, deferring, however, that horrid, ghastly, hellish gcene of the death hereafter. The saloon should exhibit at the world's fair, 80 long as the nation worships Gambrinus and liceuses ibis enornious evil. Justice Grant, in a recent address at LanBine. made a few very pertinent remarks. The central idea which the judge advanced was that it was not the duty of citizens to take the enforcement of law into their hands. The enforcement of the law should be left entirely with the officers delegated and paid to perform such work. He declared that the doctrine that the law could not be enforced because public opinión was against it was infamous, and contended that if put to a vote the public would sustain every law on the statute books. Judge Grant read the riot act to all saloon keepers, gambling houses and places of prostitution, and commented strongly on the failure to enforce the laws respecting these places.


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