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"The Foremost Periodical for Tlioughtful Readers." lts range is fairly indicated by the folio w ing Table of Contents of the Wiiaï Can We Do for the Poor? Rev. Dr. W. S. Eainsford, of New York. A study of poverty in cities and its canses, with suggestiona as to remedies : Gen. Booth'a method ; the duty of the church. The Fate or the Election Bill. Senator George F. Hoar. The failure of the Kepubhcan party to Hve up to its professions and to be worthy of lts history A Defective Census. Hoger Q. Mills. A summary of facts to show that the census is hopelessly faulty. Will Morality Sürvive Reugiox? Prof. Goldwin Sinith. The relation between religión and morality ; does a loss of belief cause loss of moral forcé? lm: GnowTn op Sentiency. Major .1. W. Powell. How the law of the survival of the fittest applies to the development of the organs of perception. Madame de Stael. V. E. II. Lecky. A review of Lady Blennerhassett's "History of the Life and Times of Madame de Stai'-l ;" a study of the greatFrench woman's character and au estímate of her work. Formativk Ini-i.uences. l'rof. Simoa Newcomb. An autobiographical essay by the distinguished astronomer. Tin; Methods of Mind-Keadkus. Dr. Charles Gatchell. An explanationofmusclereading; theso-called " rnind-reader's " tricks explained. Tuades-Unionism and Utopia. W. II. Mallock. The essential error in labor organizations : how they rest on a false analysis. Kaii.uay 1' Batbs. l'rof. Arthur T. Hadley. Railway rates in America and in other countries; why they are higher here ; a zroup of interestin statistics. =1o 1'hf. Flood Pi.aixs op Rivers. W. J. McGee. How to avoid the daneer of floods. 50c a Copy. THE FORUM, New York. $5,00 a Year. ' Subscriptions taken in club with this paper. Special inducements to new su-bscribers.


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