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Miss Sophia J. Durheim, of this city, and Dr. D. G. Coolidge, of Orange, Mass., were married Tuesday afternoon, June 9th. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Henry Tatlock at the residence of the bride's mother onsouth Division-st. Mr. and Mrs. Cooliilge took the evening Irain for their future home in Massachusetts. The bride has lived in this city all her life and has won many friends. Another pleasant wedding was that of William J. Miller, Ann Arbor's city clerk, and Miss Minnie Tagge, which took place, shortly after five o'clock last evening, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs P. N. Tagge. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. M. Gelston. The house was well filled with guests and many beautiful presents were recei ved. Mr. and Mrs. Miller left on the evening train for Cleveland and other points not yet decided upon. They will be at home to their friends, after July 1, at their new residence on north Fifth-ave. HERE AXD TIIERE. Miss P. A. Xoble is spending a few days in Detroit. Mrs. Thoe. Reardon and family have gone to Midland. President J. B. Angelí left for Kansas Monday morning. Miss Viola Winslow is visiting her sister in Battle Creek. Misses Abbie an.d Lizzie Sprague are visiting Mrs. F. Stofflet. Miss Lena Frings, of Detroit, is visiting Miss Lizzie Kemper. Bert E. Holmes left last week to accept a poshijn in Chicago. Ernest Hurd, of Waahtenaw-ave, has joined his father in Duluth. Delos Newcombe, of Flint, is visiting his brother, F. J. Newcombe. Miss Emma Hirth, af Toledo, is visiting her uncle, Philip Krause. Robert Law bas returned from Orchard Lake Military academy. Mrs. Jas. Clements is visiting her daughter in Leavenworth, Kas. The S. S. Club gives a dance at the Ladies Library tomorrow erening. Miss Grace Kschbaugb, of Chicago, ia visiting her father, U. H. Eschbaugh. Mr3. Wm. Condón and Miss Lydia Condón spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Detroit. Misses Lucinda Lohr and Lizzie Hutzel left for Toledo, Friday, for a two weeks' visit. The final social of the season by the Unity club was held on Friday evening. It was a fine affair. Dr. Avery of Stockbridge, spent the first of the week with Geo. W. Johnston, tfsouthTwelfth-Bt. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Parmenter, of Lima, Ohio, are visiting W. P. Baillie, cf east Washington-st. Mr?. S. B. Keyes, of Lansing, formerly Miss Ella Mathews, is spending a few days with her parents. Miss Amanda Barnett, of Masón, has been visiting Miss Marie Hurd, of the pharmacy department. Wm. A. Vanderhoef, of 21 west Annst, spent Sunday with his brother and sisters at East Saginaw. Dr. Jackson and wife have been spending a couple of weeks at the Oakland hotel, St. Clair Springs. Chas. Durheim, of Muskegon, came Monday to attend the wedding of his sister, Miss Sophie Durheim. Mrs. L. A. Wite, of Howell, is visiting her daughter this week, Mrs. Wm. A. Vanderhoef, at 21 west Ann-st. Mrs. M. W. Harrington will entertain the Woman's League next Saturday afternoon, on the grounds of the Observatory. John O'Callaghan and family, of Detroit, were in the city the first of the week visiting Mrs. Lizzie Bowdish, of east Washington-st. Mis Lillie Condón gave a pleasant reception Friday evening for her fellowmembers of the Sorosis. Dancing was the principal feature. Samuel Dimick, of Lodi, N. Y., accompanied by his son Jefl'erson and wife, is visiting his daughter, Mrs. O. P. Jewell, on Catherine-st. Mrs. Pauline Gregg, Miss Elizabeth Gregg and Mrs. C. J. Ketcham, of Jackson, are the guests of Mrs. Gregg's daughter, Mrs. W. D. Adams. Cards are out announcing that the marriage of Miss Allie Tolchard, formerly of this city, and Albert H. Flynn will take place at Seattle, June 24. Themembers of the "Cord and Magnet," the sophomore social club lately organized, were entertained by a number of young ladies, Friday evening, at the residence of Miss May Cooley. A party, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Watts, Mr. and Mrs. M. Duke, Mrs. B. F. Watts, Misses Florence and Hattie Benham, and Miss Parker, Samuel Benham and several studente, spent Sunday at Zukey Lake.


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