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A Story Of Insects

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The otber day a gentleman walking down Ann-st noticed something peculiar about one of the maples. A closer investigation disclosed the presence of a dozen or more formidable-looking insects. In shape and general appearance they somewhat resemble a small dragon-fly, but the body ia longer and more flexible. They are armed with a drill between three and four inches long, which with incredible Btrength is driven, almost itsentire length, intothe wood of the tree attacked. It is certainly very interesting to watch them at work, but when one thinksof what will happen upon the hatching of the eggs thus laid, and of the worm-eaten branches that are so rapidly breaking from our beautiful maples now, a query arises as to a possible remedy. lf some one could devise one he certainly would deserve the lasting gratitude of all who Uve in or visit the arbor city.


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