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Charles V. Beidell, aged 85 years, one of the trastees of the villag-e oí East Grand Rápida, pleaded guilty to a charle of bigumy and waa remanded for sentenee. He has a record of five wives, all living1,. He commenced his career in 1878 by marry ing Rosa Zaro necko, it Allegheny, Pa. ■ A few montlis latter he married Belle McClelland of the same town, and served two years ín the penitentlary for it. Upon regaining his liberty he married Emma i. nd Lizzie K'line in rapid succession aud then skippod. lie came to East Grand Rápida two years ago, and after a brief courtship married Kittie Reed, the danghter of a pioneer resident Iirgrst WlKcl in the World. Wbat ís believed to be thfl largest wheel In the world was made recently at the v. orks oí tlie Dickinson Manufacturing Company in Scranton, Pa,, for the Calumet and Heda Mining Company, of Michigan. It is a oog wheel 54 feet in dianieter, with an 18-inch face, and is built in the exact form of a bicycle, with lts extensions and spokes. The capacity of the wheel, at a veloeity of 10 feet a second at the inner edge of the buckets, is 30,000,000 gallons of water and 2,000 tons of sand in 24 hours. Jts weight is 400,000 pounds. The jonrnals are 23 inches in diameter and 3 feet 5 inches long. The total length of the shaft is 28 feet 6 inches. Ilcnlth in Michigan. Eeports to the state board of health by sixty-six observera in different parts of the state for tiie week_emled May 30 indicated that cholera infantum, typhomalarial fever, typhoid fever, cholera morbus, membranous 'Croup, scarlet fever, remittent fever and dysentery increasod, au n of the brain, puerperal fever, pleuritis and cerebro-spina! meningitis decreased in area of prevalenee. Diphtheria was reported at twenty-o , .. scarlet fever at twenty-Üvé, typhoid fever at seven and raeasles at thirty-seven places. Knocked His ISraina Out. While unloading ure f rom the schoener Sage at Hammond bay the inizzenm'ast, to which had been attachnl b block for lioisting ore, broke ten ieet below the crosstree, and Hom King, a sailor, liad bis brains knocked out. Another sailor named Edwin Zeist hal bis 5 ■ f t arm broken and was otherwise iujured. Several others received slight injuries. I'oultry HreeiitT!' Aso:latioii. The Michigan poultry broeders' association has been incorporated in Jackson by Edmund Haug, of Detroit; Elmer E. Mugg. of Dundee; Ueorge J. Nisaly, of Saline; T. H. Slifer, of Jacksons nd E. O. Grosvenor, of Monroe. There are 1,000 shares of five dollars each. They wil] huid animal exhibitions. Mr. Hang is president. Low Kntos for Veterans. The Central trafile assoeiation, embraeing Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan, has mad a rate of one fare for the round trip to the annual encampment of the Grand Army of the Eepublie to be held in Detroit in August. Efforts were being made to have the other trafile assoeiations make the same arrangements. The W. l!. T. i:. Klpcts Ofllcers. The state Woman's Christian Temperance Uuion in session at Grand Eapids elected the following officers: President, tin. Uary T. Lathrop, of Jackson; corresponding seoretary, Mn. Ernma A. Wheelor, of Urand Rapids; recording secretary, Mrs. (.'. II. Johnson, of Flint; treasurer, Mrs. Emma H. May, of Clio; delicate to the national convention, Mrs. Cornelia Moodts, of Bay City. Bbort luit Natny iteun. George Anthony, a brakeman, %vas killed at Jackson while coupling cars. Gen. John M. Corse hasrefused to accept the general manager.ship of the Flint & Pere Marquette railroad. C. M. Gerstenberger's 4-year-old child feil headlong into a barrel of swill at his home in Marlette and was drowned. Louis M. Briggs, a prominent citizen of Atchison, Kan., died at I5attle Creek. The employés of the Knickerbocker Purilier Company, of Jackson, have struck for nine honrs, with pay for tenThe steamboat line between Holland and Chicago is now in operation. Augustus McCarthy, aged 4 years, was killed by an eleetric street car at Muskegon. At New Haven, Conn., the University of Michigan ball team was defeated by Yale. Score 12 to 0. The body of Mrs. Adeline Hawver, of Climax, was found in her house, death having ensued from strangnlation. The circumstances pointed towurd murder. George Youells, an old resident of Decatur, was drowned. Charles Hrown's bars near Cressy corners, Kalamaoo eounty, was struck by lightning and two horsei killed. The barn did not burn. William l'arks, of rand Rápida, obtained a judgment of $j0 against a groceryman who sold bis son liquor to get drunk on. The Uquor was hard eider. Gen. Qtutavus A. De Bussy, aged 73 years, a retired army offioer, died at Detroit. Emil Voegtli-n, who bas just begun a three years' sentenee at Jackson for larceny, is the son of ;i celebratod Chicago scène painter. Whisky. The famous Royal Oalt farm, the the property of ex-Senator Thomas V. Palmer, was sohl for the sum of 8250,000. August Stelnbach, !t years of age, while attempting to board a moving train at lshpeming lost his balance and feil under the wheels and was killed. The National city bank at Marshall has closed its doors on account of the defalcation of the assistant cashier, E. J. Kirby. The amount taken was given as between 8:45,000 and S50,000k Kirby had left for parts unknown. ge bad lost the money in wheat speculations.


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