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Lbikíí, Mich., Juno 3.- The sella '■ yesterday votad d wn the bul to consolídate St. Joscph íin i í lenton Harbor and pass. d the blll to plact? ui tbc penal institutions of the State under oue roaDaging board of four members, no more thre tü be from one political party; lt also provides that the board shiill excrcisethe powers and fulflll the duties of a state board of pardoas. LANsixt;, Mich., June 4. - The senate yesterdiiypi-- .i a bilí approprl&Ung 112,000 for establisiiKiu' employmenc bur a troit. Grand Rápida, Sasinaw, Kalamazoo, Muilatee, Sault si-. María, St. Joseph and Ishpomlng. Lansini.. a: ih.. Junes.- T day passod tile btrase bilí appropriating 173,400 lor Uii i 1 at Houghto bilis nton HarborandSt. Jom-pi independent eitics and providing íor ■ is in the public schools. Lansim; Mich., June &.- The sécate yesterday passea the Juokoon bill provlding tor publie flabing on ah the navigable waters of the itate. '11'; general earau btU ira amended to make tlie opon Beason fur út in upper península tiom Ootober 15 to November 1. Lansiv., Midi., Juno 8.- A aew .-i usatioa waa sprang Intbe s -nul om Saturday in the form of ohargea of bribery nator PriedlcHdrv. tiv lenatcr wbo . Iven the seat of Heiijamiii C. Ml irli S ln6 Bbsenoe ot the republlcan minority of the senalc alteDdlng tlu; party state convention. Frledlender Isaecusedof bribery and treachery to bis coiistitumts ia aoeeptlng a bribe oí I30Ü for his aid in carrylag tïirougb the senate a ie bill for ooi tac rival cities of Oscoda and Au Bable, lo Iosco county. HOUSE. Lansinc Muil., June 3.- A resolution was introducen in the house yestcrday to investígate the bIBoial conduot of Keprcentatives Doyle and Murthe from the upper península, charged in a Detroit mornin paper with bribery. In tbeir absence action upon it was made the special order for lo-day at 3. p. m. Lankisc;. Mich., June 4.- The world's fair appropriation bill passed the house yesterday at 1125,000. Lassinc. Mich., June 5.- Senator Bastone's bill to provide uniform school text books passed the boun . The bill was atneuiled bo that it wiii DOt go Into operation until the lirt Monday m Jase, 188 !. After that tlav all sohool i' I over 4,0) population mtist bc uniform. The books will be BQpplled througb the oilicc of the i state to the district at The iii:i to lacrease tbe speciöe tax on ezpreR.s comp ni 8 to : por cent. of tbelx cariji' I 3 dofeated. Tbi bil! oo i ol . il '; Bentor Harbor aiuist. oiti Lansinc, Mich., June 6.- The house yesterc'.ay ]iasscw the bill providiDg for a salary ineounty registrars of dceds, clcrk ■ i ion of the supervisors. William Graves, a reporter for one of the papers which have pubUshed charges of bribery airainal Bei rcsentatlves Muutho aDd Doyle, ;.s d before the lnvestlgatlng oouimlttae, Graves rafuscd to answer the aeationa of the committee and declinrd to give his reasons for so dolng. After a storiny Besslun the house decided that the aews] aperxaan shouldbo punishcd for contempt and bo was ordered utider arrest. The lnvestlgatlon has been deferred until next week. IjAnsinu. Mich., June 8. - Tbe house held a short gession on Saturday and adjourned umtü 9:15 p. m. Monday evenin.


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