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The Chase Ended

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THE [TATA CIVl.X lI'. Iqttiqüe, June 5.- The ttata arrived hctv Tbursday Eorning with 5,000 rifles aboard. It was iin . üaioly surrenderfid {■ the ■..,; ;■. hniral - McCann. The pomman Ier the ltata Btates that the arms wcre not embarked at San 1cí, but at a polnt inan.v miles a1 sea. Tha fqulque government claims that this circumstanee modifies the Situation considerably and will pruliülily v 'snit in a speedy solution of the difilculties between ihc admiráis and the "junta, The authorities , at tho same time declare that the cargo of the ltata is of little impovtance, taking iniii cciii-icicraiioii the Smal] mirnber of arms. The Itata's flight begao abont tlieöth of May. Slic had laid to off San Diego, Cal., and there taken on a cargo of small arma for t'ne Chilian insurgents or congress faction. Hor action was discovered by tho United States marshal, who soizod hor foï violation of the neutrality law. In confidence that. there would be no resistance to the soizure the marshal left a deputy and two men in custody of the ship. During the night the ltata put to sea, bul after íliohadgone a short distance the marshal's posse and the pilot were sent ashore in a small boat. The mat tor vas reported to Washington and the cruiser Charleston ordered to go in pursnit The Charleston w;is at Saa Francisco, and before she could be coaled and provisioned the ltata had good live days' start of her. The ltata was eonvoyed at the outset by the Chilian warship Esmeralda, butthe inahility of tho latter to obtain ooal at Acapul ont of the race. TIví cominaii of t!io [tata had hoped to make i In the hands oí the Insurgents, bul the fact that he was out of ooal and short of provisions, as well as the knowledge t'nat he was closely pursuod, drove hinj to Jquique. Ships of the United States nav.y that wcre here awaiting lier coming prompt ly demandad her surrender, and the commander of the ltata, after a brief parley, coaiplied. IQUIQUB, Juno 8 - Thora is great excitement here over the decisión of the American admira! to take the ltata without allowinif the discharge of her arms and ammunition. The press is very bitter and eonsiders that the United State, the eradle of republiean ideas, commits a grave error in thus indirectly assisting the dictator. Washington, June 8. - Information has been received in this city from Chili to the effect that the insurgent schooner ltata, before proceeding to Iquique from Tocopila, landed at the latter place 5,000 rifles and a large amount of supplies.


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