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Bigamy, Bribery, Drunkenness, Gross

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partisanship, absolute inefficiency - what a record for the present Btate legislature. A New Yobk pastor kissed a couple of pretty girls recently, and now his parishonersare as angry at him as ihough he had repudiated the apostolic succession. ____-____- Friends of Prof. M. W. Harrington are urging his appointment as chief of the signal service. Should their efforts meet with success Ann Arhor would lose an eminent teacher and the government gain a thoroughly competent officer. The English people should blush at the epectacle which their prospective king and head of church presen'.s as witness in a gambling case. TUe date of Victoria's death should be the date of the monarchy's end. Ann Arbob rejoices at the opportunity of entertaining the "Arbeiter Bund" of Michigan. This is a benevolent orgauization whose work is blessed by many a widow and orphan. The whole city extends a hearty " willkommen." Oleveland bas "slopped over" again. In hiB recent Buffalo speech he spoke about the time "when the government was assailed by rebellious hands." The people who elected him president in 1884 do not take kindly to this little thrust. _____ It is singular that in this age of liberal thought and hatred of shains, a manifest blasphemer like the " Rev." Schweinfurth, the "Messiah," should have any following at all. He has shown no traits of character that in the Jeast resemble those of Him whom he o.u rilegiously apes. ARcaiiisnop Iiiela.nd, of the Catholic church, protests against the proposition, made by a foreigner, that European immigrante be placed under bishops of their own nationality. He does not desire America divided up into little Germanies, little Italies and little Irelands. The archbishop is quite right. The patriotic people of this country, Catholics as well as Protestants, will praise hiin for nis wise and noble stand. With regard to Prof. Briggs, the alleged heretic, the Coldwater Republican makes thefollowingsuggestion: "If Union has to give him up Michigan should place hiin in her State Univeraity as teacher of Hebrew and cognate languages. His great le.rniug would be a credit to any state that should secure iiim by adoption." The suggestion is ■good, but unfortunately Union Seminary has decided to retain him. "Somk of the oldtime authoritieson this silver qiestion," says the Toledo Commercial, "are interesting. For instance, Republicans may be interested io know that Alexander Hamilton, the ereatest as well as first secretary of thé Ixeasury, and one of the ablest financiers the country ever produced, wrote in 1791: 'To annul either of the metáis as tnoney is to abridge the quanüty of Lhe circulating medium.' And Democrats may be equally interested toknow that Thomas Jefferson.the framer of the declaration of independence and exponent of the rights of the people, wrote to Hamilton in 1892: 'I concur with you thst the mint must stand on both metáis.' Partisan politics made no difference in those days on this essential to the rights of the people. The fathers of the republic all agreed on this one principie, which stood unquestioned in American tinance and statesmanship up to 1873. We believe thereare nobetter authorities on opposing sides of politics ihan those wno are quotedabove." Yes, a large majority of people do favor bimetalism and no party is more strongly committed to it than is the Republican party. Free and unlimited coinage of an eighty-cent dollar does not, however, necessarily follow from this theory. It is seldom that a southerner can gpeak of the race question without prejudice. There is one, however, and an er-rebel, too, whose views seem to be wholly unbiased. We refer to J. F. Hanson, who delivered an address at a recent reunión held at Andersonville. Said he: " It is best for the negro that white men shonld rule. Leaving out of the question race characteristics, they are best capacitated, by experience and intelligence, for the responsibilities of governraent. But white men must rule by luw, and in the interest of justice. We must subetitute a white rule of law for a white rule of fraud. When this s done both racea will divide, and the south wil] take her place i the union, by the side o{ other sections, free to consider the great questions that from time to time must be decided upon their merite and for the public interest, without being dominated by ignorance, through fear nf negro supremacy. The Btates have the power to settle this question, as the right to determine qualifications of yoters yet remains with thom. The Australian ballot system and honest registration and election law s will cure the evil of frandulent elections, and with this done the race question will settle itself."


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