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Prof. Spaulding will send to Germany for several Zeiss microscopes. The senior lits defeated the medies yesterday by a score of 8 to 6. The Psi U's enjoyed a picnic at Whitmore Lake Saturday afternoon. The performance of the minstrels on ThurBday evening was a great success. The Palladium is placed on sale today. It compares very favorablywith previous volumes. The U. of M. team, Robinson and Abbott battery, defeated the D. A. C, Satunlay, by a score of 13 to 10. The Athletic association met Monday evening. The treasurer's report shows that the expensen of the eastern trip were almost entirely met. The editorial board of the Inlander, recently elected, comprises the following: F. L. Sherwin, P. W. Ross, Wilhelm Miller and A. H, Covert. The Castalian of '02 offers the following prizes: Prize song, $20; prize story, $15; prize poem, $15; prize cut, $10. Professors Walter, Demmon and McLaughlin are the judges. The Jeffersonian and Webster societies will hold the laat joint debate tomorrow evening. The subject, "Resolved that the amount of property whieh a person may inherit or receive by bequest should be restricted," will be treated by the following: AfErmative- A. J. Davis, P. C. Gilbert, C. O. Holly; negative- B. A. Herrington, W. B. O'Neill and J. W. Freeman. Prof. B. A. Hinsdale is preparing a work on the "American Government, National and State." The book, when completed, will include 400 pages. The author believes that the studv of American government should embrace a comprehensive view of its origin and growth and au adequate exegetical and hietorical conamentary upon our daal constitutions nationaland state. These ideas he proposes to embody in a text book. The mechanical work is being done by the Register Publishing Compam


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