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Real Estate Transfers

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The real estáte transfers for the week ending June (i, were as follows: Caroline Graf to Romain Glover, lot at cor Chicago and Lewis-st8, Saline t 800 C. L. Hinman, by ex, to J. T. Jacobs, part of lot 1, block 2 e of range 4 e, Ann Arbor 9,000 Thos. Dolan to Jno. McGuinness, e'Aseü sec 22, Dexter 2,800 G. A. Waidelich to Mary Waidelich, Iot4 and part of lots 7 and 8, block 9 Ormiby & Page's add, Ann Arbor 4,700 J. D. Corey to Jas. G. Tracy,5( acres of wside e U s w % sec 33, Sharon 2,100 Frcd Graf to Ellis & Gruner, lot 8, bl'k 5 8 of Huron-st, range 1 e Ann Arbor 1,000 J. M. Douglass to Louisa K.Uariland, part of s e 14 sec 6 and part of n e % sec 7, Superior _„ 160 R. W. Douglass to J. M. Douglass, part of s e Yi sec 6 and part of n e 14 sec ' Superior... 75 O. B. Hall to Carr & Greenman, lot 22, 0. B. Hall'sadd, Ann Arbor 600 J. C. Goodrich to M. Woolsey, lot 213, Park Kidgeadd. Ypsilanti 36 Jlargaret C. Wells to J. L. Babcock, lots 1, 2, 3 and part of lot 4, bl'k 2 n range 7 e, Ann Arbor _.. 9,750 David Kinsey to W. P. Schlanderer, part of lot 8, bl'k 2 s oí 'anee 4 e, Ann Arbor 4,000 O. B. Hall to K. Hall, lot 11, O. B. Halls subd, Ann Arföi. 1 C. A. Gott to P. KMefc-alf. loto 13 and 14, J. B. Gou's 2d add, JinrwMbor 425 J.C. Goodricti to F. Rmhbon, lot 208, Park Kidgeadd, Ypsilanti 36 J. C. Goodrich lo Margaret Brady, lot 269, Park Kidge add, Ypsilanti 33 William Chase to II. (;. Blaisdell, part of lot 10, block 41, Manchester 80 G. S. Barnes to C. M. Gowman, property at corner of Prospect and Davls-sts, Ypsilanti 1,600 Caüierine Eckrish to G. S Barnes, property at corner of Prospect and Davis sts, V psilanti :,400 E. U. Batchelder to U. VV. and R. E. Howell, lot 11. R. W. Hemphlll'B add. YpsiUnti 337 G A. Canfleld to C. H. Kempf, lot 10, bl'k 7, Congdon's Ist add. Ohelsea „ 250 E. A. Pierco, by adm'r, to H. S. Holmes, Sylvan _ 3,107 E. E. Stewart to E. C. Lindenberger, Milnn ... 1 A. W. Everett, by C. C. C„ to Ellza North, 8alem 3,500 O. B. Hálito A. E. Shaw, Ann Arbor 500 Daniel Maroney to T., A, A. & N. M. R'y Co., Northfield 25 QUIT CLAIM!. M. A. Pierce to H. S. Holmes, property in sec 24, Sylvan 51,800 Thos. E. Dolan to Thos. Dolan, jr„ part of s w i sec 26, Dezter 57 M. E. McGuiness to Thos. Dolan, part of 8 w '4 sec 26, Dexter 400 W. J. Dolan to Thos. Dolan, part of 8 w % sec26,Dexter 75 Nettie J. Pott8 to M. L. Henion, part of ne]4, andnwsec7. Manchester 8,000 M. L. Henlon to Nettie J. Potta, part of s w sec6, Manehester 4,000 Francia Webster to Kate ETerett, part of s w JiseoS, Ypsilanti 1 Venning Kelly to M. E. Baldwin, parts of secs 2 and 11, Manchester 75