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Bous and Pimples Are nature's efforts to elimínate poison írom the blood. Thls result may be accomplished much more effectually, as well as agreeably, through the proper excretory channels, by the use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. " For several years I was troubled witli boils and carbuncles. In casting about lor a reniedy, it occurred to me that Ayer's Sarsaparilla had been used in my father's family, with excellent success, and I thought that what was good for the father would also be good for the son. Three or four bottles of tbis medicine entirely cured me, and I have notsince- in more than two years- had a boil, pimple, or any other eruptive trouble. I can conscientiously speak in the highest terms of Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and many years' experieuce in the drug business enables me to speak intelligently." - C. M. Hatfiekl, Farmland, Ind. Ayer's Sarsaparilla PEEPARED BY DR. J. C. AYER & CO., LoweU, Mass. Price $1 ; ix bottles, $5. Worth $5 a bottle. tUji THE GREAT HOUSEHOLD RENIEDY FOR ■& PÍLESE Salí Rlieum, Eczema. Wounds, Burns, Cores, Croup, Bronchitis, Etc., PHICE 5O CENTS. i o,o two-oeat stamps for freo samplc box snd book. WSÓAP, 'ELY PURÉ, . ;;l", 3ath' ■ , ■ !?pC!3LS. jo,IU. ■VToniIorrnUy oln-SIHInar, EOOthing. Ho-.i " . tputon.and cur . ..■. nbago, Hucfcach . Ei q ■ ■ iBcles, Stralns. Sciatica, L'ieurisy. Vr ek. i malo l'ains and Weakmss -■, Ti nor u l&, DifÜcult Breathing, and uil siitlü.ii, Bharp or lony-eudured weakness or i aiu lii any pert oí the body. Sold everywhere hy relial lu medicine dealers. L5c.; í for Ql.OO. Mailed for price by the Proprietors, HOP PLASTfiK CÜ., Boston. Hop Piaster Ia Tk Greatest Blood Purifwr KNOWN. # I Tliis Grest Germán Medicine Ís the#. II cheapest aml best. 128 (loses of SUL-fj II PHUUBITTElWfor$1.00,lossthan# J I one cent a dose. It will cure thoM L U Q worst cases of skln dlscasc, íronw m a common pimple on thc f;cvW ( M fllto that awful disoase Scrofula.j 5í IjSUI.I'IHR BITTEItS is thc# 1 1 best medicine to use in all# lllcascs of such stnbborn ani#yol,r Kil I I l'li-f) Beated diseases. DoneyS are out III Ulnot ever toke fot UI BLUE PILLS ÍTSUI.IJHUBH lllormnriry.theyaredcadj;"1; -j,; 'n Uthe purest and best#ya' ube [I medicine ever made. ujpl,nr BítlerS I [I SslByonrTongueOoated' ' m Ö with a ycllovstícky#Don't watt until yon tu UI substance? layour #are unable to walk, or III Illbroath foul and#arc flat on yur back. III II offensive ? Your#but get some at once, It i I ■ I stomach Ís out#will cure you. Sulphur M of order. Use#Bitters is LlSULPHlTR #rho Tnvnlifl'a PpiVniJ Ö C3 BITTERS ADYdllU S I: ritliu en - I immediatelyThe young, the aged and L II Is your Vv-Mtering are soon madewell bylll III ine thick,#its use. Kemembcr what you III III ropy clo-ifread here, it may save your nludy, ormite, It has Baved hundreds. III tr #Don't walt untll to-morrow, Try a Bottle To-day! Q M Are you low-splrlted and weak , III S#or siifferlng from the excesses fl O.#youth? Ií so, 6ULPUUR BITTERS! II ywlll curo you. Send 3 2-cent stamps to A. P. Ordway & Co Boston. Mass., for bcat medical work publisheü ? Purify YOUR Blood WITH Hibbard's Herb Extract A WONDERFUL CURE. -jtew This is a true likoLL HSk. ness of me wearing B3VRu artificial nose and JRítoSkF u hadcoBsumi'U ni y V rv Heiïb Extract. This S L is not a Paten' medi proparation of roots and herbs that enred me over 47 years ago, since when I have cured thousands with its use. It requires a powerful vegetable remedy to effect such a cure as my own, and my argument has always been that the remedy that cured me would cure all forms of ScrofuUi or other Blood and Skin Disease Its success has been phenomenal. Send for list of testimoniáis and printed history of my ase, or cali on me ary day, or write and describe your case. Advice free. Mrs. J. Hibbabd. Avoid imitationB. Be sure above trfcdemark is on wrapper. S1.00 at all DrugglBts. HlBBARD HERB EXTRACT CO., 307 Canal St , Chicago, 111.


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