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CHOICEMEATS Cor. Wnstiintoii-af and Fiflli-ave. Our aim ia to picase our customers by ahvays hamiling the very Choicest Meats that the market aflords. ïtext tume -YOl ARE IN SALINE- get a TOUND of A. M. HUMPHREY'S 2 8c C 0 F F E E ! HAMILTON'S INSUHANCE, Real Estáte AND Loan Agency. No. 2, Hamilton Block, FIRST II. OOR. Partles desiring to buy or sell Real Estáte will find lt to thelr advantage to cali on me. 1 rerresent ten First-Class Fire Insurance Cos. Ratos Low, Losses Promntly Adjustcd and Promptly Paid. I also Issue LIFE IS SUR ANC E POLICIES in the Conncctlcut Mutual Life Insurance Co. SOnd Hundred Lots in Hamillon Fark Addition for sale. Office Houns- S a. il to U u„ and 2 to 5 r. i. A. W. II x'lli.iov LUMBER ! LUMBER ! LUMBER ! you oontemplato building cali at FBRDON Lumber Yard Corner Fourth aad Depot Sta., and get our flsrur f for all kinds of LUMBEE We manufacture our own Lumber and qruarantee VERY LOW PRIOES. WGtve naaeallHBd wlll makelt to y our Interest, as otir larve and wel) ?;raled stock ruil j NUNtnlnn our aaaer. Ion. JAMKN TUI.HKHT. Prop. T. J. KKKCH, Snpt. Has Palent Return F!uo Boiler; Wrought Iron and Sieel Wheels, with the Springs beiween the bearings of the Hub; 14-inch Steel Tire; Cushioned Gear and all Latest ImproveTients. 8. 12 and 16H. P. Ask (or Catalogus, Fwe. , tyThreshers of all sizes. THE HUBER M'F'O CO., Marión, Ohlo. 9-10ths o 1 the Heparatioii X Cyliuder. No flying grain. SoiKévcree Beater in cute. Onlyonebelt R. 5HETTLER, General Agent, (rand Kapids, Mich. ROBERT HUNTEN, 43m6 Agent, ANK Abbor, Mich. jOLD MEDAL, FAEIS, 187S. Í. Baker&Co. Breakfasi Cocoa from which tho excess of oil has been removed, is Absolutély Pure and it is Soluble. No Chemicals are used in its preparation. It has more than three times the strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, strengthening, KA8XLY digested, and admirably adapted for invalids as well as for persons in health. Sold by Crocers everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorohester, Mass. V {I I PI -'. l"' ■-" "'I -'"1 rite,d ho. I 1,1 I llaflrrliiktnirtion.wlll orlt iii!utriouily. VUUUVli v. Mm Ihrrr Tbi.Hund Dulbn Yr!n!hlrtwn!o-fti!tlt.iin-vfrfhyllvt.l willatsofurnlsh the l.utiiinoremii!.iitt' wlilih juumn Mm (hatimounl. Nu inoiitiy tut munl. mi. Mfclu tbove. l-'imily and qitickly li-arnci. I l.ut . ■rorkw (hm Mcb dUtriet oreóos. I litv rra.iy uufflit nnii (irovitled wttli t-mj.!..j ment a lr iiuml.rr, nrbo u mikinir ow MMO a nwncb. It'iNKW ■nd NOLI 4. Fuil trticiilr KltKI.. Ai,hr, at onc, E. C. AMr:. Mx tao. ..uutit, Mulnc. @itlHO.00 a yeir i belaf nml by John R. jou mny'not niak ai tiiuch, but wa cin [p)i yóuquicklj how to prn from 9i to (10 a tlty Kt th start, and more a you go r.n. Both sexea, all ■. In aay rt o( m cric, you can cvnniirnc a,t bomt, gif' [11 aiwUrürStwSt svrvtfetnr. ABII.Y, I'!.KMLY lart A rrit'LLA.iS ll.'ll. AlirMIODc


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