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Real Estate Transfers

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The real estáte transfers for the week endiog June 29, were as follows: Perry E. Hunt to B. Hart beek, 1% acre in sec 28, Manchester _ 145 C. Balus to M.O.Balus. interest in Iota 462 and 465, Norris' add, Ypsilanti 300 J. C. Goodrich to A. J. Speer, lote 145 and 146, Park Ridge subd., Yrailantl 70 J. C. Goodrich to H. Johnson, lots 365 and 36G, Park Ridge Bubd., Ypsilanti 80 J. C. Goodrich to W. E. Rcott, lots 258 and 216, Park Ridge subd., Ypsilanti 76 Edward öordon to Otto Jarrendt, lots 4, 5, 15, and part of lot 14, block 4, sec. 4, Saline village 1,800 Jas. Clancy, by admr., lo M. R. Clancy, Ann Arbor 6,400 Samuel Crossman, by admr., to J. A. Polhemus, Ann Arbor town 8,000 August Schneider to Herman Hcnnlng, part of lots 4 and 5, block 5 s of Huronst, range 4 w. Ann Arbor 900 J. U. Binder to Fred Schleyer, land on West Fifth-st, Ann Arbor ■ 250 Mathias Saley to Jno. Cirossman, a ]4, s w %, fee 15, Manchester 5,360 Harriet Welch to Carrle C. Fay, 4 acres in n e %, sec. 10. Ypsilanti 332 J. C. Goodrich to C. E. Bpeere, lot 224, Park Ridge subd., Ypsilanti 65 Forest HM cemetery to C. B. Staytes, Ann Arbor 50 Edward (joña to Tlios. Outwaite, part of Great lot 572, Norris,, Follett's, Joslin's and Skinner's add, Ypsilanti 700 Chas. L. Richmond to W. B. Kichmond, Bridgewater 1,000 Corliss & Mc Ijiughlin to V. S. Whipple, lot 17, College Hill add, Ann Arbor 210 J. 8. Polhemus to Eugeno Oesterllue, lot 1, Grand view subd., Ann Arbor ' 320 H. C Waldron to T. J. Keech, land on Felchst and T. & A. A. tracks, Ann Arbor 750 T. J. Kecch to Goodwillie, land on Felch-st andT.&A.A. track, Ann Arbor 750 J. A. Polhemus to Israel Knehnle. lots 30 and 31. Grand View subd.. Ann Arbor. 280 J. A. Polhemus to August Baklwin, lot 29, Grand View subd., Ann Arbor 140 Mc Laughlin & Corliss to E. H. Scott, lot 4, College Hill add, Ann Arbor 470 QÜIT CLAIMS. H. Stephenson to H. R. Scoville, lots 30, 32, 34, 36. 38 and" part of lot 28, Jarvis' add, Ypsilanti t 800 Elmer Evans to C. and KI. O. Baluss, lot 462 and 465, Norri1 add, YpsiUnti 1 O. J. Perrin to Starks and McCord, ntj s e '4 sec 31, Freedom 1 Starks & McCord to O. J. Perrin, s w %, ■ w ü, sec. 30, Freedom 1 J. A. McMahon to Joseph McMahon, w i s w !4 sec 5, Manchester 1 M. Halsington to Fannie S. Cowley, lot 6, Raywalt's add, Dexter 40 Albert Brass to Fannie S. Cowley lot 6, Raywalt's add, Dexter 40