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I jiiss Hattie Haviland is In Alma. I jj, G. Mann was in Chicago, Monday. I Pr. G. C. Huber has gone to Europe. I jiiss Alice Porter has gone to Bay I,B. Bent returned on Saturday from ■Boston. I Miss Nina Fall is visiting relatives in Illbion. W Mrs. Geo. Henne anl daughter are n Marshall. B Mrs. C. W. Penny lias relurned from ■Charlevoix. Prof. P. R. B. dePont left Monday for ■Orcbard Lake. Samuel Henne left Saturday noon for Ifew York City. I Miss Alice Payne has goneto Saginaw fcrthesummer. I )Irs. F. T. Stimson is spending the Leek in Howell. I Dr. V. C. Vaughn and wife leave next Isnday for Europe. I Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Borradaile have [emoved to Detroit. I MissSusie E. Palmer is spending her lacation in Jackson. I Mr. and Mrs. R. Waterman left Saturlav for Oíd Mission. I John R. Miner and family are camping at Straight Lakf. I Miss Mary Blackburn is spending her lacation in Stockbridge. I Xathaniel Stanger left on Saturday lo visit friends in Illinois. I C. F. Burkhardt left on Monday porning for Grand Rapids. I E. F. Mills and family left Monday Lrning for Wequetonsing. Herbert Manly returned Monday vening from Grand Rapids. Wallace Palmer is spending the week tLong Island Lake-near Flint. A. M. Noble, of Detroit, is the guest ifh8 sister, Mrs. N. W. Cheever. Joseph Clark, of the University Hosital, has gone to Wequetonsing. Miss Lizzie Kemper left Monday for zalia, where she spends a week. Mrs. Fred VT. Schultz, of Detroit, is isiting her relatives in this city. Misses Lizzie and Clara Dean are 'isiting their únele in Green Oak. Frank J. Scott, of Toledo, spent Sunlay with his cousin, Evart H. Scott. Miss Louisa Haeuser, of west Libertyt, has returned from Leavenworth, as. Joseph Stimson has returned from íendallville, Ind., where he spent three feeks. Miss Georgië Nichols Palmer, of Hudon, is the guest of her únele, W. W. iichols. The Misses Douglas have gone to touth Hampton, Long Island, for the ommer. Mre. G. H. Rhodes and daughter, Miss !ada, have returned from Detroit and iginaw. Mrs. M. Hendrie and daughter Miss Wie have gone to Georeian Bay for a ew weeks. J.H.Stífford left Monday for Bluff011, Ind., to attend the funeral of his irother, Misses Grace and Mary Warren, of ffiford, are the guests of C. C. Warner ind family. Rev. J. M. Gelston and family will pend the flrst three weeks of August XewYork. S. W. Burchfield leaves today for a trip through the east. He will be gone veral weeks. MissKatie Dietz, who has been visitMiss Mary Burkhardt, has returned Grand Rapids. Freddie, Willie and Bertha Miller, of "amazoo, are the guests of their Mcle, Wm. Allaby. öeo. Sperry left Sunday morning for ion, where he attende the photoPíphers' convention. h. and Mrs. Ottmar Eberbach and 8 Clara Eberbach returned Monday frotn the St. Clair Flats. F'fteen couples of merry young folks P surprise party, Saturday evening, a' toe home of George Vicks. EvartH. Scott and family departed wesday morning for Oíd Mission, where 'W will spend several weeks. n. John Burg and MaBter Hardy 'oodruff left yesterday for Detroit. 'y will take a trip up the river. The Ann Arbor lodge of Good TemP'ttnill give a lawa social, Saturday, Julï 25, at the residence of O. R. L. Ctoáej, "A.Bryan, formerly city editor of J Register, now publisher of the plotte Leader, was in the city last totiday. "ajor Harrison Soule returned MonJ fiom the Ypsilanti sanitarium, ete he was undergoing treatment for Harlow Olcott, of Ishpeming, was in ci'ï Saturday. From Ann Arbor eatto York, where he visited his ■"to.J.D. Olcott. 'CONTEJTHD OH FOCBTH TJlQI.] SOCIAL DO1.VÖS. [ OONTINÜED FKOM FIR8T PAGE. L. H. Clement was in Toledo Tuesday. A. D. Seyler is fishing near Hamburg. Mrs. E. V.Hangsterfer is at Whitmore Lake. Miss Mattie Drake haa gone to Whitmore Lake. Mrs. Marión Goodale leaves today for Port Huron. Mrs. C. K. Whitman leftforCharlevoix on Tuesday. Mrs. G. S. Morris and family are at O!d Mission. E. D. Adam, lit '87, of Washiugton, is in the city. J. J. Goodyear ánd wife were in Detroit Tuesday. W. C. Mack spent Saturday and Sunday in Detroit. Misses Jennie and Carrie Oaks start for Boston tonight. Mrs. Elizabeth Steward is spending several weeks in Chelsea. Mrs. Heneage Gibbes and daughter have gone to Xorth Lake. Frank Legg expects to leave this week for his home in Colon, Mich. Mrs. F. A. Howlett and family left Monday for Cavanaugh Lake. Misses Ella and Lizzie Howard leave next Monday for Geneva, N. Y. Misses Edith and Mattie Huddv will camp at Island Lake next week. Miss Alice Calhoun, of Bay City, has been visiting Miss Mary Clements. Prof. J. M. Langley, of Pittsburg, has been spending a few days in this city. Dr. Cortland King and wife, of WilIiamsburg, Kans., are attheCook House. Miss Nona O'Brien has returned from Detroit, where she spent her vacation. Eugene Cooley, of Lansing, visited his father, Judge Cooley, the first of the week. J. Wilson.of Chicago, spent Sunday with his wife's mother, Mrs. Caroline Chapín, Rey. C. R. Gallagher, of Appleton, Wis., is v8Ü!ng his sister, Mrs. W. G. Burchiield. J. H. Maynard left Tuesday affernoon for California, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. H. Reed. Miss Jennie Joiner, of Palo, 111., is spending several weeks with her uncle Dr. J. C. Wood. Mrs. Wm. Condón and Mies Lillie Condón are spending the summer in Hancock, Mich. Prof. A. H. Pattengill left last Thursday for an extended horseback ride tbrough the east. Mrs. Robert Leonard was called to Detroit, Sunday, on account of the ï 11ness of her sister. M. W. Blake returned Monday night from Kalamazoo, where he attended the funeral of a brother. Androw Reule, of the firm of Wadhams, Kennedy & Reule, is spending a few days in Pittslield. Mrs. Willis J. Abbott, of Chicago, accompanied by her Bister, Misa Clara Mack, arrived in Ann Arbor last night. Mrs. II. G. Barnett, after a pleasant trip and visit with her son, Ben F. Barnett, of Muskegon, has returned home. Miss Mattie Barnett, formerly of Ann Arbor, who has been visiting friends in this city, returned to Muskegon Monda}'. l'rofs. Perry and Chute attend the meeting of the National Educational Assoeiation now in seesion at ïoronto, Canada. F. D. Sherman, lit., '87, and a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, now principal of the Bay City high school, is in the city. Messrs. Addie and Bessie Stevens, Miss Annie Muma and Messrs. Frank Cornwell and Cari Rose spent a few days, last week, at Whittnore Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Morris F. Lantz returned from their wedding tour last Wednesday evening. Mr. Lantz resumed work at the store of Schairer & Millen on Monday. Mrs. Emma L. Scott left Monday evening for SU Ignace. Mrs. Scott expects to take up a homestead in Mackinac county. Wednesday ehe was married to Simón Smith, a lumber merchant of that county. The best wishes of many friends will accompany her. Mrs. A. J. Shively, of Brooklyn, New ï ork, passed through this city last Friday, enroute for San Francisco, Cal., where she will spend two or three months in search of health and recuperation. A few friends were invited to meet her at the train. On her return trip she will stop at Ann Arbor for a short time.


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